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With a bit of luck we might see Aussie Richie Porte racing for BMC become the 2nd Aussie to win the tour behind 2011 winner Cadel Evans.

The experts have it between Froome and Porte with most behind the Aussie.

We also have Aussie team Orica-Scott/Greenedge riding again who might snatch a stage or two.

There are 9 Aussie Riders in the tour this year.

Go Richie!, lets hope he stays on his bike this year and gets the win.

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Lol how ghey are those photos!?
From the Snakie personal album.

He won't win unless three or four other riders better than him crash.
the Roid Roll.
no thanks. and to think people say cricket is boring.

He hasn't had a great opening stage but he (Porte) is a real chance this year.

Gotta love The Tour :)

I'm going for Contador riding for Trek-Segafredo because my bike's a Trek - just like legendary 7 timer Lance "live strong" Armstrong :)

:) :) :).
The kReamer wears Lycra? Well I never...

Where did I say i wore lycra you fecking depraved repobate.

LOL - I can see it now - Grunta sitting in front of his computer batting himself senseless at the thought of me in tight lycra - Grunta you really are a disgusting little pervert :)

I wear Lycra what wrong with Lycra ??:-))

Nuthin' wrong with lycra Carlo. Especially when you've got a bod that can pull it off ;)

You da man kReamer! Out and proud of it..

Image result for fat man lycra

Image result for fat man lycra

Wonder how many riders are on the juice, blood swapping, doping, other enhancing etc this time around... perhaps just the usual 80%. Hasn't Tour de Drug become a bit of a farce over the years?

How good is sitting around watching men dressed in Lycra in the middle of the night sweating while riding a bike for days?.....



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