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Now we have all noted that we have a kinder "FONGY" on the site these days and I think his comments are satirical, whimsical and down right cutting edge. It just goes to show we don't have to get into the gutter to insult one another......we can do it in more humourous ways!

I am going to list some that have come out in the last couple of days and ask members to list their own memorable quote/s that they can remember Frankie making.

If we can get enough support Snakey can publish a book or maybe we will have it permanently placed in the one eyed eel hall of fame!

Here's some start ups:

Coach you are a victim of piss poor parenting and were allowed to swing from trees unsupervised as a child , good only knows the amount of times you bashed your head and damaged the frontal lobe in your brain."

Please enhance you're dumbness you tree swinging fool and tell me what the correlation is between attending a wedding on a Sunday and being a tight arse? Come on coach , show us that islander intelligence that has you filling out dole forms

I'm at a wedding and drinking my 34th Scotch and the stupidity of this blog has zapped the alcohol out of my blood and made me sober . Sometimes abortion can be the greatest defence against having dopes in society , clearly this morons parents

"Waleed you two bit hummus eating lynx wearing smelly dope ,12 months ago  u were on a leaky boat sitting in you're own feces and Urine, now you want to talk about things you have no idea about. Stick to subjects more in you're field of …"

like filling out a dole form and which Adidas runners go best with black tracksuit pants and of course which cars are best to re birth .

"Listening to anything Sterlo says about parra these days like listening to Steve Sharp about business. For starters the bowed legged dope has no idea what the club will be paying Hayne if he comes , 

I hope you enjoyed those warm ups and can add to our fondest memories .........................I must admit I loved the Waleed one!

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Too long.
121 days EE and freaking counting every one of them.
What a desperado blog. Shocker...
The bloke should be washing poo stains off his wheelchair and he’s posting this crapp. Must be really having a ball in his twilight years! Lol

Thanks for that boy.

It reminded of the great song.....One day after we finish your education......you will listen to this song and thank me. Don't worry about losing that council job, it happens to all of us. I will go back to washing the poo stains off my wheel chair now.

He has a vagina - all for him must have their heads examinded

34 the Scotch by Frankie at a wedding Wonder who he got married to ---- must have been The lucky Grunts maybe

HHhmm not quite 100% sure how it went Pops but something along the lines of "Afghani camel train driver" from the Fong was real classic as well. I think that one actually got deleted by a mods after a short time as well ? 

JJ unfortunately Fong wil have to go down with the great artists, their work is never appreciated in their time.

I have mind you that he doesn't mind going down!

he is a notable absentee from this blog and I suspect he is still trying to work out copywright!


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