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Watching the first three rounds overall as a team I've been fairly impressed with the teams commitment. Not a lot of teams will be able to say they went to Win stadium and Brookie this year and won.

However two individuals that concern me are Taka and the Hoff. Although Taka is a large body I cant help but think the recent event of injuries the bloke has had may have taken a toll. Although he has the ability to offload he is at least a yard in pace to slow and defenders on the opposing side are not committing to him.

He is no doubt a decent footballer but I think the time may have come for BA to look elsewhere. Nathan Davis has returned to Parra after a stint on the Gold Coast and has recovered unbelievably well after an horrific ankle injury last year. His trial form was good and verse the warriors he was outstanding. I'm unaware if the kid has signed just with Wenty but considering we do have money to spend I think at age 21 and a former Australian schoolboy the kid has a lot of up scale. Although prior to his move to the Gold Coast he had issues with discipline and training.

Josh Hoffman, well I'm not sure what to say. It's funny how sometimes you watch a bloke for another club and think they are handy footballers but when they arrive at the club it all turns to dust. frankly I think the prototype winger that Hoffman is in way of body size and height similar to Uate is a dying breed in the game. Young kids like Nic Cotric and Waqa Blake are more the body shape of future centres and wingers.

I think Parra would be best served telling the hoff he is free to look at England and BA might want to seriously look at Davis whom potentially before his move away from us was being seen as a potential first grader.

Otherwise I think the stem of the team looks good. I think we miss Kenny Edwards but understand he has to serve his punishment and I'm not yet convinced as to what Nathan Brown and Frank the tank bring.

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I agree with taka moving into the forwards.
I agree with Nathan Davis... An outstanding talent , a big body with speed , currency as a NRL player and only 21 but I can't understand all the hate for Hoffman at the moment. I thought he has been good and is clearly suffering being outside Taka.

Remember the exact same blogs about Taka and Gutherson last season.

Let's give them a couple of rounds to adjust gents before laying the boot in.

Davis has no runs on the board and quite frankly was very average in his handful of NRL games.

Hoffman's carries out of our own end have been good and his combination with Taka will improve with more game time together.

Put the knives away gents.

Hamish I think what you say about taka and gutho is fairly correct, but gutho is a better quality player than hoff or taka. I think injuries have cruelled taka and the hoff is in the same category. I hope you are right and they do improve. But long term I don't see it happening.

Taka definitely won't be moved from his position, and I thought Hoffman, although he'll never be in the elite group of wingers, does the job required of him.

Also, Hoff wouldn't be taking up too much of the salary cap. I doubt he'd be over the 250k mark, and is a useful utility.
Davis more than held his own against opposition at NRL level whilst at the Titans...no runs on the board?????

Nathan Davis - 8 games (0 at eels)

Brad Takairangi - 105 games (37 at Eels)

Josh Hoffman - 161 games (47 tries).

Davis was average in all his first grade games at the Titans and compared with Hoffman and Taka has no runs on the board.

1 loss without our primary half and everyone loses their minds.

As I said everyone jumped on the Guth hate train after a couple of average/poor rounds to start last season and look at the Guth/Taka combo turned out. Taka Hoffman combo will work well if given time.

I must disagree re Davis. Last year everyone was sniggering about the eels letting another good player slip through their fingers. He was huge playing for the titans and was one of their first picked.
The Titans made the finals and Davis was playing NRL at 20! Massive achievement.
Personally Id like to know what happened behind the scenes to cause him to abandon an NRL career at the Titans to return to the eels and fall behind in the pecking order.
Maybe he's backing himself to land a first grade spot with the eels? Or maybe BA or sharpy have snuck under the noses of the Titans and grabbed him back??

Or the Titans didn't want his because he is bog average.

Completely disagree with your assessment of Davis. Titans had injuries in their outside backs early in the year which got Davis in the door. He was sent back to reggies after round 2 and then in and out of the side for the rest of the year until injured.

Davis had no big hand in the Titans making the finals. Titans only fell backwards into the finals because the Eels lost their points and the Tigers and Warriors shit the bed.

Another over-hyped junior.

FH have to disagree, I had a very good look at him in his last year with the club, played with little interest and was terrible. He had big wraps on himself and was very ordinary.

He had a crack at Titans and effectively failed....that's why he came back to us....he was clubless.

Is not in the same league as Aura and Hoffman.....and definitely not good enough if we are going anywhere in the comp.

I watched every game he played first grade for the Titans & I feel a true reflection of his game is somewhere in between you both

Agree with your assessment on Takka
I think the Hoff has been solid. He hasnt set the world on fire but he has been safe and solid. He needs more time to settle in at Parra.
lets have another look at him in about 6 or 8 weeks time. I dont think he is a weakness in our side, i believe takka is defensively and he can be caught out being a little lazy at times.
BA rates him so he must be doing things at training that we obviously dont see that impress BA.

If the right sidei is changed I would expect Hoff to centre and Auvaa Gennings or Schulte to wing


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