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So are in for a storm first week of the finals. Can we beat them? I think if the boys put in a nothing left in the tank effort we are a chance. But I'm thinking that may actually be a bad thing.

We have to travel, which would make it harder than beating them in the GF. That week of from a win often gets a team of the boil. I think we need to go down there and just play structured no mistake footy. Don't bust a gut for a win and show them all our cards.

I think we should view it as a training lesson and work on penalty free solid defence smart footy. Leave the bruises and injuries til the big day. If we get a win, happy days, however it's unlikely and no big deal down there. If the boys bust a gut, get bruised up and still lose, it will be a major confidence downer. If they lose knowing that they've got another level it won't be.

I think we are a good chance to roll the other teams in the finals.
Beating the Storm on GF day in Sydney would be much more rewarding!

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No team is unbeatable even qld with all the stars they have were beaten earlier this year.

Markers have to work hard all night and hit smith whenever they can, we can't let him run or kick. Maybe kicking early and turning their big pack around. Our chase on kicks has to be spot on to reduce impact from slater and vunavalu. Smith has to position himself and be ready for cross field kicks and inside kicks we need him to have a blinder, I am really hoping bevan is good to go as this is one of his strengths. Surprise tactics, pushing in scrums early in the game when they don't expect, hold the ball in the scrum to hopefully get a penalty or at least slow them breaking early, forwards have to go up in pairs and hit and spin and get to the ground and attempt to play the ball again putting pressure on the refs for a quick play the ball or penalty. We can do it and I'm really looking forward to this challenge. It's been 8 years, f*** it let's give it everything we have got !

The only thing i agree with regarding this tactic is to play penalty  free, solid defence, smart footy.  But don't practice it, play it! I really think if we play like this,  which we can, we can beat Melbourne. Very excited about this game!


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