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As seen yesterday carrying 4 forwards on the bench doesn't guarantee ruck supremacy, intent does. Yesterday also highlights how hard it can be to turn momentum once lost.

It takes a special play to break momentum and although we have players on the field capable of this it is unlikely when they completely spent. 

I believe we need a little more X-Factor the bench, Either a), specialist hitman/enforcer who lives most of his career at the judiciary or b) a livewire with lots of acceleration and energy that will take risks and can make plays against the run of play.

I would really prefer to have both these types on the bench, particularly one who plays 9.

I think Peni Terepo has the potential to be our enforcer he just needs to be chained up and not fed before the game.

I truly believe if Brad Arthur is serious about rewarding players who deliver performance, then he simply cannot leave out Will Smith, that guy has earnt the right to play first grade.

What do you guys think? do you think we have to explore the market for a bench player or do you think we have guys at the club who can be groomed into high impact low stamina players. 

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On the money Parody. Could have used Smith when Moses and Norman went down.

I don't know why Smith is so under-rated? the dude can play! and his defence is f****** way better then people give him credit for.

Yep and plays with energy. Competitive little bugger and knows Moses’ game - perfect super sub.

I was shouting that to all of newie !!!!

We know Carlo. We know
Time to make the tough call re Takairangi. Yes he’s a talented player as shown by his cut out call to Hoffman, but he just doesn’t fit into the team at present. He isn’t a proper edge forward and he doesn’t make the backline. Will Smith the utility for mine.

Pick will pick will

told ya we needed will - sheesh brad 

We only lost because we weren’t able to convert our tries...we both scored 3 tries and there goal kicking was the difference.
Irrelevant, we convert our goals? We execute our plays we win too.

Plus they took goals with 2 penalties, once again we didn't choose to go for goals, they could have given us 4 points.  It also means the opposition will see they will not be penalised in the points arena when they give them away near the goal line.

To me if you get a penalty in front you take the 2 points, and then work your way up again.  It also gives the forwards a bit of a breather as well.   I goal out of three tries is not good enough, had they been kicked the score may have been different at the end, especially if a penalty shot had been taken.

I agree Parody, and said so in the other King/Kaysa blogs. Trouble is, as funny as it may sound, I think BA may have actually created too much depth and this has given people a wide choice of options and different ideas on how the bench should be made up. We've got Taka as an edge forward/reserve back, Edwards as a running/ball playing edge forward and Smith who is a utility in the true sense being able to cover 1-7 & 9. I see Kaysa as solely a back-up in case of injury, if King went down I'd prefer Smith at 9 in front of Kaysa - once again, only my opinion. I can't see BA naming any more than 1 utility on the bench and 3 middle forwards. Now whether that's right or wrong isn't my decision, it's BA's entirely. So who of the 3 brings the best balance as the 14? Wow, what a question to answer - I honestly have no idea.

As I said in another blog, Smith reminds me very much of Craig Wing and I really think he'd thrive in the utility bench role and provide that "X" factor to the team. Edwards provides some enthusiasm that was certainly missing at times, but overall there's been plenty of people calling for his head several times after brain explosions - has he got that out of his game? I tend to think not. Taka for me was pretty damn good yesterday, can fill the edge forward, went well in the halves and can still handle centre if required, well certainly far better than Manu and Edwards as we've seen at times over recent years.

When Peni, T-Rex and Vave are available, then it's up to them to cement a spot on the bench by putting in performances that can't be ignored at Wenty. You've really got to add Niukore in the mix as well as Stone, I don't think they're too young, and there's no experience better than getting thrown in the deep end. I guess that's what really disappointed me yesterday, there's so much depth you'd think the players would be killing themselves in an effort to maintain a spot in the 17, but we just seemed to have some blokes that were passengers and barely going through the motions.

Brissy, IIRC Niukoure has played in the top grade at the Warriors, while no great reference he did ok, he will be available for selection next game and certainly hope he gets a run off the bench.

Stone should also get a run at some point from training reports he has been going very well, and adds some mongrel in his game.  I would like to see him build up a bit, but not that much to slow him down, there are a lot of players off contract end of this season, including 11 forwards, I could see 5 being offered extensions and that includes Stone and Niukoure, whom I would like to see offered new contracts before much longer. They should be kept and given opportunities this year.

As for Smith, I see him needed on the bench, whether King or Pritchard is the starting 9, but I would prefer Pritchard at least to give him a run. The lack of any game time on the weekend is not helping any of those who were on the extended bench as I think the only one that got a run was Gower, and we could do no worse by having him on the bench as well.


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