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Was reading this great piece from Anthony Siebold and of course my thoughts turned to the former Batemans Bay captain/coach. Look at the comparison in their apprenticeships, words and philosophies. We really need to aim for better as a club.


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brissey i cant disagree with anything that you have said

Dude what rise have Mahoney, Kaufusi, Niukore and Dylan Brown had?  Just because you've heard of them/ they've played a couple of first grade games doesn't mean shit.

Mahoney only played first grade last season because King and Prichard were injured. Ditto Nuikore with Manu Mau, Brown etc... BA was basically chucking blokes in at the end of year to see what they had. I'd hardly call that a rise. 2019 will show more.

Meanwhile where do we start with the players in our squad who have regressed? Bevan French career has absolutely nose dived. As has Tepai's. Even established rep players like Jennings are now absolute busteds. Who is to blame? At the start of the year Moses and Bevan were emerging Blues tipped to have big years and possibly go close to Origin. By the end they're unwanted basically anywhere.

Our finishing positions under BA.

2014- 10th

2015- 12th

2016- Salary Cap excluded. But what did come out of this season was BA identifying Kieren fking Foran as the current and future leader of the club.

2017- 4th. 

2018- Last

One of these is not like the others... an outlier if you wish. We could go into the number of close games Semi was the difference and the kissed on the knob draw we had..or the fact we couldn't even beat teams like Newcastle at the back end of the year but thats neither here nor there.

Finals matches won. 0.

Current rep players. 0. 

We're going into a season where he's established we didn't have strong enough relationships in 2018, and we need players who take pride in the jersey...yet half the squad remains unsigned going forward with many told they're free to find somewhere else. 

At the very least by now, results aside, we should have a clear leadership at the club. BA went for the easy option and tried to integrate Manly leaders into our club in Watmough and Foran and it backfired spectacularly. As much credit as you want to give him for the 2016 salary cap rubbish, he deserves critcism for the blokes he bought in to establish culture. The Moses signing has been another spectacular failure. He bought an inconsistent player into an inconsistent team and it hasn't worked.

So i ask you.. what do you think the plan is for 2019? What do you see?

And if Foran and Watmough signed elsewhere blokes like you would bag BA and the club for missing out. You can't have it both ways, if BA signs someone they immediately get labeled a nuffie. Other clubs sign players and they're superstars that we should have got. It's getting really, really old. Instead of whingeing and criticizing at every possible opportunity, how about supporting the club. The review identified deficiencies we pretty much all knew already, steps have been taken to remedy them. We've signed players in positions we needed, we've got a new trainer from the Storm apparently doing good things, and we've got other staff. Where's the credit for this? Nowhere to be seen, it's all negative, to the point of comparing a 1 year coach who may or may not be any good with ours. It's a ridiculous argument only ever designed to be a direct attack on BA. If you want to blow smoke up Siebolds arse go support the Broncos.

ah the old basic 'go support someone else'.

This, written by you should tell you all you need to know.

"The review identified deficiencies we pretty much all knew already"

Unless you want me to give credit coz we 'got other staff'?

I'm just trying to work out when we win a premiership how you're going to put a negative spin on it, because that's all you're interested in doing.

Blokes like you don't even see you contradicting yourself. Your statement was BA can't develop players, I name several, but but but they only played because they had to - BS.. You say BA has had 6 years of failure, but he inherited a shit team, started to rebuild it, lost players because of the salary cap, could not replace them etc.,  but that doesn't get taken into account. Blokes say we should have signed Flanagan as coach, but he won a wooden spoon too - ohh but that was because of the peptide scandal - so peptide scandal is reasonable, but losing players after a salary cap scandal means nothing to you, it's all BAs fault. Just ludicrous.

Yep we came last, nobody likes it, but there were excuses, no Semi was a massive loss, once again some blokes have even blamed BA for this - rubbish, the media and the wrongful assault claims were why he left. The changes to the refs killed us, our smaller pack was completely nullified by the refs. Several long term injuries to key players. And don't forget, despite how badly we played at times, we lost 8 or 9 games where we scored the same number of tries as the opposition - win those we play semis not get a spoon. But nope, the world has ended, BA is rubbish, no credit for anything. Have some faith in the club, the coaching staff and the players, they just might surprise you. We win 6 from 10 next year and you'll be MIA without anything to complain about.

mate we’re in a salary cap driven comp where we’ve had a 40% winning record over the last 6 years . I’m not sure what you’re watching when you’re crapping on about junior development and having faith etc..

Just because young guys have been played doesn’t mean they have developed . Name one young guy that BA has bought into 1st grade and his career has ascended. The jury is out on Salmon , Mahoney etc .. but in my opinion they , like those before them, are not being put in a position to succeed . 

I love the discussion with you but in my opinion the absolute thing this club has lacked for a long time is leadership . The coach sets the leadership culture . We’ve given a lot of 2nd,3rd, 4th chances to blokes .. often senior players. The balcne is wrong there from the get go. Foran came to the club with extreme emotional baggage and was someone who was close to BA before he came . He immediately made him captain of the club. Other senior players like Norman and Hayne have proven to be self first brain dead imbosiles . We have young guys coming through now on drink driving charges . Last year we signed TRex who dealt with the same rubbish. Kenny Edwards , Kaysa .. the list goes on. At least he bought in Ferguson to mentor them this year (eye roll) .

My point is this is the first thing it’s clear the club lacks. Tim Mannah is a good honest clubman .. leader he ain’t . Gutho has leadership qualities but has played about 2 seasons of 1st grade and is getting through his own problems . He’s learning the job on the fly. It’s absurd to me that this hasn’t been addressed over 6 years and BA keeps giving chances to guys with troubled pasts he views as bargain buys . It can work , but our team has been way out of balance in this regard . 

A lot of the rest of the review , you’re right , was telling us things we already know . Far from wanting to support another club, i feel like BA has gone another season painting over some cracks in the roster but hasn’t addressed the leadership issues at the club . Our on field discipline last year matched our off field . We were lazy , took short cuts and made similar mistakes repeatedly . I’m very pessimistic about out chances next year because i don’t see a clear plan. Playing out of a new stadium and going on team orgys might help , but they’re not the answer to us consistently moving in the right direction i don’t think.  but time will tell. 

Also Semi played BA for a fool . Repeatedly not showing up when he said he would , making quick darts back to Fiji in season , being married in Fiji the day before we played Newcastle in a crucial clash for our top 4 hopes .. but he let it go because he’d show up and help us win close games . Terrible leadership though. He advised he was leaving early in 2017 and we started 2018 with Kirisome and Josh Hoffman on the wing . Yet we spent a tonne on a front rower that spent half the year at Wenty. Cmon mate you must see some pretty substantial problems here ?

Yep, I agree there's problems, I've been saying for years Mannah is not a captain and the last 2 at least he's been ordinary. There's been a heap of retention issues, Pritchard is a joke, never was and never will be an NRL quality player and the list goes on. But unlike many, I don't subscribe to the blame BA for everything mantra. Maybe he isn't the coach to lead us to a premiership, maybe he will. But I'm prepared to give him a chance because I can see 2018 had some excuses. If we want to get a new coach every time we have some failures, we'll be changing coaches every 4 months - and where will that get us? Another rebuilding phase. All I'm asking is that people take the blinkers off and look at reasonable facts. Like I said, winning a spoon sucks, but you cannot pin that on 1 person and take every opportunity to kick them in the guts.

I agree ! i don’t want a new coach every season. It’s an excuse for a rebuild. 

Thts why i’m saying I want to see a plan. I can’t see what he’s trying to do other than recapture 2017 which was lightening in a bottle. When else is a team with a -37 point diff in 3rd at round 22. Never . 

I feel like you can see what some coaches and clubs are trying to do. Nathan Brown has a plan . Gus has a plan at the Panthers. Whether right or wrong it’s a plan and they’re a shit load closer than us.Siebold had a plan at the Rabbitohs and it was enough to have him extremely sought after a year before his contract ended . I think BA is just looking for answers. I don’t want us to base his and the clubs future on the start of next year , as like you argue it’s a small sample size like 2018. 6 years isn’t tho. and over 6 years ( with some excuses factored in ) i don’t think he’s done or achieved enough . If he’s contract ended this year hes most likely shown the door . 

I think we should be looking at replacements now, and if we find someone with a better vision and plan to take us forward we should move on it . Not wait and be reactionary as it just delays us being competent let alone successful . 

What the F has seinold achieved? A top 4 finish? Even BA has done that

has he won a premiership?

did he take a team from bottom 4 to top 4??

until he wins the big one, he will be an average coach imo


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