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Got this one from one of the social media rumour pages. I'd say it's zero chance of happening but thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone had any mail. Not sure why it would be the Sharks instigating this.

RUMOUR: The Cronulla Sharks are interested in signing Josh Hoffman in part of a swap deal with Parramatta who will sign Valentine Holmes plus pay the Sharks money on top....

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Hoffman is a valuable sqaud player who does what he's told and does it well. The backs arent an issue for us, he is also on pretty low money which enables us to purchase players paulo in positions where we actually need new players

Holmes on the other hand whil he possesses all the talent in the world he is a troublemaker. His constant complaining and this whole idea hes got in his mind that hes worth fullback money when hes not even a fullback is just not worth it imo. We dont need players like him


prefer to save our money for someone like Paseka

Hoffman to the Sharks,Holmes to the Roosters

Doesn’t Holmes want to be fullback?

He's tipped to replace the injured Dugan at #1.

While he's a good player I don't think he adds anything to the eels, let Hoff go if he wants to go, and we replace him from within, its a good opportunity for young backs and forwards to be given a shot at the top this year.

We have Gutho as our #1 & don't see a need to replace him, unless a closer in player is heading off, which may not happen now.

Of course we would take that deal but it would have to be highly unlikely to be true. With G.Jennings playing well Hoffman is now depth but Im sure we would find a spot for Holmes.

if its true, its great hoffman cost us another win when he bombed 2 trys  ,its been reported many times val holmes want to play fullback and not wing , this could be on, as parra are unlikely to sign hayne another year.

the sharks may get the best out of josh , he played well for wenty a few days back scoring 2 trys.

valls speed  ould be a huge plus for the eels back line.

So Robert you would prefer Holmes as fullback over Guth,  glad you're not a selector.

no not at all , it seems holmes wants to play fullback , so he may want to play fullback at the eels to get him to sign.

gutho can play , wing, centre ,5/8 , and even hooker  , hes talented, sure dr wong , its more better if holmes plays wing  with french and gutho at fullaback, its not a perfect world mate, look dr wong  its most likely wont happen,its just talk, rumours, we at the eels are used to that year after year, almost every player in other clubs who are unhappy or off contract are coming to the eels...its just a nother big rumour.. sorry to upset you mate..

as talented as Holmes is (on the wing) if it was a risk to Gutho second guessing his next contract I wouldn't be happy with that


Robert how do you know Parra are unlikely to sign Hayne on a contract extension ???. What if we are already in negotiations for a 2 yr extension with Hayne ???


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