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Stuart was on triple m before talking origin.

He said he was very impressed with pearce and Farrah

He said he thinks carney was neevous in the first half but came together really well in the second

Didn't have anything bad to say about hayne and said he noticed the little things he did and he was moved to the wing because he was gassed.
In a nut shell he didn't have anything bad to say about him and it sounded like he will be picked.

He said tariq and Aaron woods played well. 

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I would be surprised if he doesn't make the side but not at 5/8. He will probably get a wing position but I would like to see him at fullback. Especially after the blinder he will have this Sunday against the tigers!
I thought carney played really well and I couldn't help but think if only we signed him.

I was thinking the same thing the other day. Sandow anmd Carney would have a better combo but Roberts is playing good IMO...how long is Carney signed up for at Sharks?

 2 Years Joker but I think his price will increase significantly as I think he is on either 300k or 350k per season currently.


I would like Mateo picked at 5/8 or at least a bench spot if Ricky said we need to score points we ain't gonna do it with blokes like Hoffman

I hope Farah gets overlooked, he never steps up in big games..


As for Carney, he would be the best option for nsw at 5-8, Hayne for fullback. I can see If both got picked, Stuart might swao them through the game, because Carney can play fullback too..

And i hope we do pick Tariq Sims, we need that muscle off the bench, Tamou will be there too. I thought Woods was a real star.

I didn't get to see much of the game the other night. Who else
Stood out?

Chris Lawrence has matured well, i hope he gets a center spot

hayne at fullback for sure but he will probably get picked on the wing.

sims and i thought timmy mannah had a good game and had some fire in his belly. a bench spot for him

Yeah Mannah was running hard as, hope he keeps it up for the club games.


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