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Q. What profession would Eels players be undertaking if they never became footballers.

I think Gutherson for one would look good in a toolbelt and a flannel shirt - chippie .

Kenny - Cramping specialist.

Bernie Gurr - Worldwide sporting jersey design consultant based on his legendary 2018 Eels award winning hooped designs.

Mannah ?


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Jnr Paulo - bouncer.

Sef - Surgeon
Vave a jockey
Lol EE
Mannah has school teacher written all over him
Nathan Brown in the army
Cory - Prime Minister- liberal of course
Mau - Serial Killer or Hitman
Tim Mannah - Tontine Pillow Sales Rep
Norman - Selling 8 balls
Gutho - Backup dancer for some pop group
French - Sprinter
Edwards - Psychologist helping people in Anger Management
Brown - Plumber or Electrician, looks like a tradie.
Moses - some boy band
Haha yes!
Anyone see the Hakka it's obviously, M'au, border control!


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