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In light of the total meltdown as a result of last nights game, I began to think how I used to completely lose my shit after a loss and reflect on how much I have mellowed as I've gotten older.

With that in mind I thought it might be fun to open a discussion on your worst post loss explosion. What friendships have you prematurely ended, marriages irretrievably destroyed, televisions damaged beyond repair etc over a loss from our beloved Eels.

For me, it was undoubtedly post the 2001 GF. I had been riding the crest of the teams success that year, (like most of us that year I suspect), so sure that we were finally gonna win it all after a long 15 year drought (hilariously brief in hindsight). My workmates who were all Broncos / Qld fans copped it deluxe from me as we won game after game in record fashion. We were the shortest odds GF favourites in living memory ..... and then Hurricane Joey hit, utter devastation left in his wake.

The following day at work, they were all waiting for me when I arrived for work dutifully but in a foul mood. To make matters worse they had become temporary Knights fans, the office draped in Red & Blue for my benefit, a giant life size blow up of Nathan Hindmarsh in tears sitting at my desk.

But the worst was yet to come ....

My boss, who I hasten to add was a lovely man made the rather dubious decision to give me shit over the result.

Did I just smile and say, yeah, yeah ?

Did I just cop it on the chin and say we'll be back next year ?

Did I just say the better team won, we choked on the big occasion ?

No, No and bloody hell no.

I turned on my heels and at the top of my voice I screamed at him, close talker style, "SHUT THE F*** UP".

When everything had cooled down, my stunned boss summoned me to his office and preceded to give a calm but stern warning about taking a game of footy too seriously and then gave me a written warning over office abuse !!!

Alright, that's me .... over to you guys

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The problem is that after 2 games against 2 very ordinary sides, Everyone was singing our praises, everyone thought (including the media) that we would be a top 4 side based off of 2 games.

We are gonna lose a fair few games this year, and everyone has to learn to suck it up, everyone is quick to jump down my throat the moment I say something negative about the side, I can be cruel and critical of the side but surely you can all see why.

Do I think we will play finals football this year? I don't know. I've been too confident for the last 7 or what ever years that we would be there, but we haven't been. When the team can string more than 2 wins together? then I'll jump on the bandwagon. Until then, I will continue to not expect too much from our side this year.

Unless we lose corey we WILL make the 8, bookmark this post Aaron.

You are judging us off a loss and upset that others are backing us after 2 wins, really its somewhere in the middle, this is a good team.

Hi Snake.  I actually agree with you.  What worries me most, any coach and opposition will also know this.  Corey Norman will now be the considered a "target".

the latest blow up was actually the last game of 2014 i think it was after getting beaten by Rickys raiders, The wife took the kids to the park after I had just pegged my phone at the floor and let out every god damn swear word I know

Was not me but a bloke I worked with. Like most of you 2001 Grand final.
We where having a Grand final party at my place and was heading out to the Newcastle workers after it.
He cracked the shits and was litttely balling like a baby. Then he disappeared and decided to jump of the roof of my garage.
This bloke is normally quiet and respectful but I got no idea how many fights I had to keep him out of that night.
Mind you he was wearing he's Parra jersey as that was all he had when went to the party. So he coped it all night.
My family leaves the house when a Parra game is on. If we lise I won't talk to anyone for a few days. Wont even come on here lol. I dont talk because I have no voice but because I snap way too easy after a loss. ESPECIALLY AFTER A FCUKED USELESS LOSS ON FRIDAY. FAAAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKKK!!!!!###. I watched the 2001final in one of my uni mates parents house in tweed heads with the great Kevin 'stumpy' Stevens me old mate. Still a brick with his crew cut, gee we nearly tore the poor house down. Watched a few games and had more then a few beers with Stumpy. Haven't seen him for 14yrs now though

Leading up to the 2001 GF, I put together a jar of only Blue and Gold M&M's at the office.

Nobody was allowed to eat one until Parra won the GF.

On the morning of the 2001 GF, I woke up really happy. My housemates asked me why I was so happy. I told them that I had a wonderful dream that Parra won the GF!

Being the punters that they were, they asked me who, in my dream scored the first and last tries. First I said Steve Simpson scored the first...but wait...no boys, it was Billy Peden. Simpson scored the second try. Hodgo scored the last. 

Dutifully, they buggered off to the TAB and put on $50 each on first and last. They cleaned up!! Unfortunately, my dream was accurate but for the small detail of the actual result.

Just before the game, I dyed my hair (yes, that's right folks, I used to have hair before I lost it and now look like Todd Greenberg) blue and yellow.

When we lost, I came into work and threw the jar of M&M's out of a second storey window. Thankfully, my colleagues weren't silly enough to say anything.

During the 2009 GF, I got so mad that I punched a shag pile carpet so hard that I broke my hand.

And, I'm supposed to be a mature adult ;-)

I was in second class in 1986 - I was 8 years old. I was very happy when Pricey and the Crow lifted the then Winfield Cup, but I wasn't ecstatic because I was just a kid.

I think I'll cry like a baby when we finally win it again :-)

This is Phil after the infamous 01 meltdown.


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