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In light of the total meltdown as a result of last nights game, I began to think how I used to completely lose my shit after a loss and reflect on how much I have mellowed as I've gotten older.

With that in mind I thought it might be fun to open a discussion on your worst post loss explosion. What friendships have you prematurely ended, marriages irretrievably destroyed, televisions damaged beyond repair etc over a loss from our beloved Eels.

For me, it was undoubtedly post the 2001 GF. I had been riding the crest of the teams success that year, (like most of us that year I suspect), so sure that we were finally gonna win it all after a long 15 year drought (hilariously brief in hindsight). My workmates who were all Broncos / Qld fans copped it deluxe from me as we won game after game in record fashion. We were the shortest odds GF favourites in living memory ..... and then Hurricane Joey hit, utter devastation left in his wake.

The following day at work, they were all waiting for me when I arrived for work dutifully but in a foul mood. To make matters worse they had become temporary Knights fans, the office draped in Red & Blue for my benefit, a giant life size blow up of Nathan Hindmarsh in tears sitting at my desk.

But the worst was yet to come ....

My boss, who I hasten to add was a lovely man made the rather dubious decision to give me shit over the result.

Did I just smile and say, yeah, yeah ?

Did I just cop it on the chin and say we'll be back next year ?

Did I just say the better team won, we choked on the big occasion ?

No, No and bloody hell no.

I turned on my heels and at the top of my voice I screamed at him, close talker style, "SHUT THE F*** UP".

When everything had cooled down, my stunned boss summoned me to his office and preceded to give a calm but stern warning about taking a game of footy too seriously and then gave me a written warning over office abuse !!!

Alright, that's me .... over to you guys

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I hope you forgave him Brett LOL. Never thought I would have heard you use the F word. I actually shed a few tears after that game. Probably my most low moment as an Eels fan. I'm not one to get angry about it though.

Lol, I'm a Christian, not perfect.

But yes I was a foolish young man in those days. Like I said, I marvel at how much I have mellowed.

He was a great boss, thankfully he and I had a beer & a laugh about it.

I'm the opposite


Slugg, the chair is empty where have you gone? For a piss I suppose.

doing a lap of the buffet then down to the cabin for a nap. I'll be back.
Actually it's a silent negative comments protest.
That's what cracks me up about some of our more mature bloggers getting so hot under the collar, quite amusing that some have not mellowed over time. Good to see the passion though.
Just to share a quick story, I went to the Titans v Eels games some years back and the group I was sitting beside was what appeared to be a group of about 8 who judging by their conversation had travelled up from Sydney.
Same script as last night, we were leading mid way through the second half and the tide changed and the titans over ran us. The fellow seated two down from me had quite a conspicuous Eels neck tatto so he was obviously an avid fan. He was starting to loose his shit in a major way it was quite funny. His wife who was sitting beside me was not so amused at his behaviour and actually apologised to me. I couldn't give a shit it was quite funny to watch him loose the plot.

well that was an interesting observation about the slug and us other mature bloggers. i thought we had been quite subdued with last nights loss and made the point of it not being the end of the season like some on here .maybe i have been reading it wrong .see if you got to know the slugg you will find him to have a very dry sense of humour and a man of many talents 

I have got to know Slugg and am well aware of his sense of humour. Good fella, got many a laugh out of him. No criticism Mick, just observation. I have been told by several people that my mood never changes regardless of the circumstances in life. I try to be fairly level, at least for appearance sake anyway.
Take no notice of Wongy he's my mate but he is a bit of a dope. Wongy you apologie to my mate Adam you cranky old bastard I'm serious and you know what you get if you upset me, the genital cup.
I recall getting a txt message at half time of the 2001 game from a friend who really doesn't follow league at all which read:
"24 - 0 hahahaha."
I didn't speak to him for a year.

I used to have a housemate who was like that around Origin time. Never watched the game but because he knew how passionate I was about my footy and in particular Parra & the Blues he used to needle me just to get a rise out of me. I nearly king hit him one day.

I was a groomsman at his wedding a few years later !!!


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