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Playmaker....Playtaker and we need a forward Leader, the halves are not to blame.

 lot of discussion about how well Normie went last night and how shite Moses was....We didn't lose this game in the halves.

Our forwards were inept and saying they got the better of the Bronco's was rubbish. We had 52% possession and made more tackles than the Broncs.

Our forwards were defensively murdered on the edges. People say we were better because they made good inroads with the ball but the tacking and ball handling was appalling. Bronco's made 60 metres nearly every set and were strolling through our edges.

Back to the title!

A playmaker  sets up plays....Normie is a taker and was reacting to the situation, which was great, just a subtle difference.

Fullback has given Norman time to play direct and that is why he is more effective, he will always be a good player with a great passing game. He probably would be just as effective in the centres. Nothwithstanding he probably brings the ball back better than Guth.

Using another example Jarryd Hayne has thrown some of the best passes I have ever seen in the game, but he has done so instinctively and of course has the ability to do that. Why he is not a natural 5/8 is because he has to stop and think about the next play and cannot get involved the same way as when he is in a movement chiming in.

Sorry if I am not getting the difference across, but it might explain why some players are not suited to certain positions.

We badly need a forward organiser and I am extremely critical of BA not managing to get Robbie Farah  as he would have organised our forwards and made a huge difference in the process of our forward defensive structure which is pathetic.

If anyone can tell me we went after him and he didn't want to come, I will apologise to BA.

It is still worth doing now just to get some respect and momentum back for next year. Even though we will only have him for 1/2 a season. I will aknowledge that Souths may be reluctant to let him go, as  if they lose Cook for any reason, they have a wonderful back up in Farah. Souths would see themselves as a premiership threat this year IMO.

Finally Moses for us at the moment is no different to Thurston at the Cows, he has the same dilemma. You can set plays up, but if they don't run through the holes you look like a mug.

This is an aberration for Thurston but a real problem for Moses because our forwards don't support him by running at holes and having bodies constantly in motion.

Bennett knew Moses would have all the plays and standing 2nd of the ruck he was surrounded but still manage to create 5 disallowed scoring chances which normally would have brought at least 3 tries.

People need to understand that this disaster of year can mean we throw some babies out with the bathwater. Lets not blame the ones that can't control it.

PS The kicking game of both halves is shite, principally because no one is chasing......sorry BA buck stops with you...not the halves.

Last years side minus Semi would have beaten the Broncs by 20 points last night.

The problem is where it has been all year the forwards are not good enough or being led.


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I've read THAT book (TWICE) the problem is it was written by a woman and I have no idea what she was on about.

Tell Karen sorry - I am off to Japan soon so won't be available for a while - and after I go to a few Tea Houses with the Geisha girls (rub and tug) I probably won't be in any condition for anything for the next couple of months.

Now about the Medical diagnoses (that's the plural of diagnosis for the DCs) it should be on the membership packs each year.

I can understand the Rubs but what the hell are they going to Tug.....Are Turtles a delicacy in Japan?

John Boyle I bite my tongue with stuff on here which is pure garbage but that was just so funny saying Moses knocked back a million from Tigers. He was offered nowhere near that when Taylor was coach and Cleary withdrew it and offered a whole lot less. Fact.

Don't bite your tongue Keet, your too beautiful a bird to spoil those looks........

Good to see your bringing reality to the site.....my understanding was he got 650 and that sounds about right, Normie may be on a touch less and he knows why, his last negotiation took place between the gangster play and his porn movie! lol

Boppa I go to church with one of Moses relatives. Small world isn't it so my lips are sealed.

Good to hear you go to Church Keet, maybe we should get the " really big fella" behind us!

We defintely need some help from above!!!

I said above Snakey, back in your hole!

What I posted was common knowledge at the time. I would not dare post anything that was not already out there.


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