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I am actually quite excited about our Front row rotation despite what that negative p rick Sterlo thinks and I actually believe many will be left with egg on their face.

Let us actually look and process what we have with our starters and then our rotation.

Tim Mannah (30yo), despite the criticism he receives is actually a very good player. He is very difficult to get on his back and saps massive amounts of energy out of the opposition trying to pull him down, there is a reason he has been there for as long as he as, he also has an unusually large amount of energy for his size and a very experienced head. He just keeps going all day.

Daniel Alvaro (24yo), give this kid a break, he has been building his body for a few years now, props take longer to develop than backs, you don’t get an 18yo Jarryd Hayne coming in and playing prop. You need a man’s body. Considering this at his young age, Dan through pure will power has scored us tries. In addition, I really think after seeing his body shape this last pre-season he is going to be one of the best props going round.  The bloke is a monster now, and for those is the know he is one our fittest players. Again, he will keep going until the 80th minute.

Kane Evans (26yo), the obvious first rotation, massive tall unit who offers a different body shape to his partner Matagi, this is really going to trouble oppositions when he comes on. Once again, he is like Dan and we expected him to be world-beater at 18 when like I have said it takes longer for props to develop physically. I think we have signed Kane at the perfect time. Look at that shot he put on Kasiano all those years ago and have a look at the size of his chest now. He must bench like 200kg.  

Suaia Matagi (29yo), in reality I think Peni and Vave could do an equal job but I think Suaia wins due to his age and body conditioning, Vave is still a little too pudgy and I think Peni might be a year off from reaching full man power. In Suaia, we have our unit, big chunky legs with low centre of gravity, and a perfect foil to Evans.

Overall, our props are all fit bastards matched with size where it counts; we may not have a Junior Paulo anymore but I would take this combo any day over what we have had in the past. In my honest opinion, we have had this best front row squad since forever.

So keep hating on Dan, Tim, Evans, Matagi, but I think you will be very surprised at your amateur viewpoints come midway through this season. NRL is faster than it was 5 years ago even. The days of fattest team wins are long gone, look at how shite the dogs are now with half their team at 150 kg each. I like what we have, we have strong fit props and for the first time since forever, we have four solid units each with unique strengths.

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I hope we do at lease the same as last year or we go better and win the grand final we were rob last year

Yeah that Storm game was a joke

We are a very underestimated pack. And funny enough about Timmy I noticed watching parras best of 2017 on Fox he is very hard to put down a lot of the time he’s playing the ball already on his feet.
The issue with mannah is when people look his stats they judge/rate him poorly, but when you look at his overall game, you’ll notice the impact he brings. Quick play the balls, is a stat that is of quality rather quantity and can not be measured accordingly, neither can the effect it has on giving us a roll and putting the defensive line on the back foot.

Agree, Tim is like a sponge, he takes a hell of a lot of energy to pull him down his enthusiasm would annoy the crap out of opposition and his play the balls are quick and fast. 

His stats would improve and be up there with a lot of rated players if the minutes were higher but he’s great for our clu

2016 maybe so, but IMO 2017 he went backwards....

Pack is stronger with peni in it i hope hes ahead of matagi

Yeah I could see Peni in the squad for sure, just needs to hold the ball and run hard. May get the nod over Matagi but to start the year I think it will be unlikely. 

I think you're right CD. Peni did show some class last year in the few games he played. If he is fit, this year could be his year.

I agree this is probably the best front row pack we have had, certainly since Leabeater / Bugden.

Tim Mannah (30yo), . He just keeps going all day.

Excuse me CD Rom......I am not knocking anyone personally on this blog....I like some of the things you have said.

But do you honestly believe that Timmy goes all day?

Lets just say he has some guts and gives everything for Parra before we get into the world of delusion.

Hmmm I can see why you would have this opinion, and at first though I would agree, but when I think a little harder..

lets not forget the pathetic players he's had next to him.. lets name drop a few, Mitch Allgood (Wtf was that guy), FuiFui (When he was old) Darcy Lussick (Not really a prop just a brawler) and Junior for a little bit.. In all honesty Tim has never really had a decent partner or bench rotation... In general Tim's not going to break the line like some of the 120kg plus props, but then again he was never meant too. He really needed someone to step up into that role and all that have been next to him with the exception of Junior have failed him. 


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