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One of our favourite and driest posters "Sluggy" rang me this morning from Blacktown Hospital.

Unfortunately he had a bad fall yesterday afternoon and broke his hip.

He is facing a hip and knee  transplant in the next 24 hours. He will be facing a long restorative period and it is going to be difficult times for him.

As you may know he has had a very torrid 12 months with the loss of his wife and he is getting on well into his seventies.

I know you will all join me in wishing him better soon.

On another front he is also moving from his Toongabbie residence to a new house at Thirlmere and is due to move in the second week of March.

I will monitor this to see what help is required if any.

Sluggy is my favourite poster and has the driest wit of any of our members. Let's hope he is back shortly with his one eyed family.

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Ha! yeah i spoke to him earlier today, he was in good spirits but still obviously weak and sore.

They had him walking today which is great news.

Change of hospital. Slugg is now in Westmead Private Rehab at South Wenty. Voice is sounding stronger but still some weeks of rehab to go. They have a problem with their WiFi so he can't post . If you want to chase them to fix their WiFi phone 8833 3555

Slugg ready to watch Round 1 against the Panthers. His thoughts after the match? "I told everyone in my blogs that we have not improved 1% since last season as we have not bought any first grade forwards and we have no one we can bring into the team who will change anything"

Thanks Tragic, I got your message and spoke to him with the details, he has lost some information if Snake and Wongy can ring him as well.

You again showed what a great guy you are Tragic and I know Sluggy really appreciated your effort to go there, set it up to watch and you to watch it with him and throw enough chocolates into feed his entire ward!!!

Magnificent effort old mate.

Here's A copy of slugs  x ray  for his knee replacement 


No wonder all the nurses  wanted to sponge bath him  both male and female 


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