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One of our favourite and driest posters "Sluggy" rang me this morning from Blacktown Hospital.

Unfortunately he had a bad fall yesterday afternoon and broke his hip.

He is facing a hip and knee  transplant in the next 24 hours. He will be facing a long restorative period and it is going to be difficult times for him.

As you may know he has had a very torrid 12 months with the loss of his wife and he is getting on well into his seventies.

I know you will all join me in wishing him better soon.

On another front he is also moving from his Toongabbie residence to a new house at Thirlmere and is due to move in the second week of March.

I will monitor this to see what help is required if any.

Sluggy is my favourite poster and has the driest wit of any of our members. Let's hope he is back shortly with his one eyed family.

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Get well mate hope for a speedy recovery.
Get better soon sluggo. We're all behind you here at 1ee. Need you back for the footy season.

Get well soon Slug, all the best

Sluggy, trust all goes well with your moves and the hospitalisation, thoughts and prayers with you at this time.

Maybe the coal smoke from the museum will help sooth the recovery when you move. Was something I remember working on them for near 10 years.

Is that the museum near the rail lines? I seem to recall this when i worked out there Col.

 Yes and the mighty Thelmere pub “ The Zoo “  where ive seen many a blow in Versace and Nike wearing bikers leave the place in tears after trying to act tough over  some of the local abbotoir workers . Very Hard pub.  All the neck and face tattoos in the world doesn’t faze the fellas from round there .

Get well Slugg 

That takes me back Wiz; i worked in C'Town many yrs ago and my work for  Telecom involved driving around the highlands and Picton etc. had a beer there once or twice. It was an interesting place; like the Court Tavern in C'Town, right near the old CES office.

Yeah they’re a different breed up round there . I was once seeing a chick from Bargo back in the day for a few years and frequented The Bargo Hotel quite regulary . It was like the Wild West .  I loved it .

I worked as a fireman on the NSWGR in those days, Bargo pub, was very close to the railway line and where we had to service steam loco's, it was where we had a 15 minute crib break as included in the 30 minutes there. Ultra hot in summer and handy to grab a can from, although it did nothing to ease the heat.

Bimbo's road house on the highway was always open for transport industries, and on the way back we could pull up there and race from the engine and grab something to eat. Can't do it these days owing to the fences that's along the lines.

My old man drank there every now and then and told me the story about some local bloke who was thrown out for being too pissed and came charging back in through the back door about 20 minutes later on his horse

I saw a guy ride his Harley up to the bar one night and they served him . 

Chin up Sluggy. You’ll be like the bionic man in no time. 


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