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Ok so as to get a better perspective of the supporters collective thoughts rather then a lot of posts by the same people,
No offence because you may actual be speaking for the majority or are you the loud minority.
Only way to tell is if a one post response from each person with Hate, 50/50 or Like for each colour
So please limit your responses to Hate, 50/50 or Like. Or don't care.
Please don't get into a debate and go on and on and on about it, leave the debate in the other blog.

Here is mine
Blue: Like
Yellow: Hate

Ok the vote is harder to count than first expected.
So can we have all the like voters write there comment on the left side of they're post and all the hate voters write there comment on the right side of the post please. Be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

The fine for multiple votes under 1 eyed Eels in house voting regulations and under the Commonwealth Electoral Act is as follows. Someone who votes multiple times could face up to a year in jail or a $10,800 fine.

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NO ! 2/10
Sorry I don’t care


I like the jerseys, but I think it needs more mission brown on them or perhaps mission brown shorts.
If this jersey was so great in the 50s, why has the club gone through umpteen designs since? - it's because we've not yet found the perfect fit, unlike the Roosters, Stgeorge ect.

Now we're back to square one.

There should be a Royal Commission into this. Which fans were consulted ?
Agree. No club changes its jersey the way we do and have. Players have an identity crisis.
Must confess never really noticed. Would there be an older Sydney club that has changed it so often as us? I would be really surprised if there was? Strip changing is a real bug bear of mine. I guess I am rooted in that golden period from the mid 70s to mid 80s when the jersey was loud and proud!!!
I think you have identity crisis Benny hill




You sound like Snake, Frank ! Snake also has a nose for ‘dogshit’
Monto you have been nasty of late with your language Benny have some advice to help you with the tension ,,,,https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRxLyYPaRtXNF5...


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