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The Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club Pty Limited has signed former Titans centre and Parramatta Eels junior Nathan Davis on a one year contract until the end of the 2017 season. 
Davis made his first grade debut in the first round of 2016 with the Titans, playing eight NRL games before breaking his leg in a season ending injury. The Parramatta Eels have signed Davis following his recent contract release from the Titans.
“Nathan will add more depth to our backline with his size and strength,” said Head Coach Brad Arthur.
"We always love welcoming back our Parramatta juniors and I’m sure he’ll fit right in with our current squad.”

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Good signing
Will be pushing for a first grade spot
Can also play wing and fullback
Only if we gave a bunch of injuries

He's pretty average. I doubt he'll play first grade unless we lose half our backline and depth. 

If he goes any good he mite replace semi next year

Can kick goals by the looks as well

How do you know that's him kicking goals ?

He could be just kicking off

In any event, it's not a reason to pick him ahead of far better credentialed players.

He does kick goals. 
He kicked a fair bit for us when he was playing Holden Cup. Average goal-kicker overall, though. 

Brett, Nathan 2-3 years ago was touted as one of best junior prospects in a few years. He was an Australian Schoolboy and hit the ground running. On the odd occasion at games I spoke with a few of his family and friends and the general census was that although he was very talented, he was at times a very lazy trainer and enjoyed the party life way too much.

This party lifestyle eventually ended his time with us as he was told he wasn't part of the work hard ethos that Arthur was assembling. His form at the titans I believe was good without being outstanding and even playing for them you could see that a good fitness regime still wasn't high on his agenda.

I seen him in all the trials this year and could honestly say that it appeared he had picked his game up, however Neil Henry has let him go on the basis that he and his partner had become homesick and once again it was impacting on his training etc.

At times in the u/20's watching him goal kick it appeared because his fitness wasn't top notch that some attempts on goal had clearly been impacted because of his lack of fitness. I hope for Nathan's sake he wakes up and realises this is probably his last chance as he is also coming of a horrific lower leg/ankle break from last year

I have to agree with his family etc. He was one of our best easily back in the 20's and he didnt even look like he was trying. Goal kicking was good but if he was taking things seriously he would be a very good goal kicker.

At the Titans I thought he played pretty good for a guy who had never played first grade before. Still quite young also.

Sorry precious but he does kick goals.

Not a chance in a million.....

Great. But imo as he is a goal kicker to


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