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I understand there's been alot of talk about us shopping Norman but after watching last night and the last few weeks I would love to see the 2 mentioned if they could actually mend there ways and actually be the pair that they both have looked like end of 2017 and in parts of this year.

Norman too me tonight showed in the defensive part of his game too me has been very good.When he gets caught inside he pushes out to help his outsides and very rarely leaves them posted.Also his pressure pushing up on the sweep player in attack caused alot of problems for the Dragons and there attack was slowed alot by it.

To me if we can get that platform for these two to launch off on a more consistent basis I still believe we can win with this team with a couple of new faces in the pack.

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Agree Coryn But

Norman needs to set a good not bad example club culture wise and needs to focus on footy. If you are being paid close to a million to do a job or to win a premiership you need to be focused on just that job.

Not sure about Moses - he has the talent and is supposed to know his footy. 

Yeah the off field stuff is concerning but for me Norman's been probably close to our best and most consistent the last month.

I guess if we are going to let Norman walk he's doing his best with thee audition process for other teams as I think teams looking for a half will be lining up for him.

If it were a choice between Norman and Austin right now I'd take Norman all day.

It came up as a news flash on the ch 9 news last night that Norman’s management is having meetings in regards to asking for a release.

in the last 10mins I thought both Moses n norman went missing.they should of been demanding the ball and leading the team around the park.didn’t see any of that.

if they want to get rid of Norman , I’d be giving salmon a crack before going out and signing Austin or who ever..

That last 10mins coincided with Smith coming on the field, coincidence much????

That whole side went to shit when he came on.


The report on 9 mentioned that he may go to England

He can sign with Wigan.id be happy with that if he did happen to go..

Its about players in motion, that was the real difference in our attack last night.

I think Norman and to a lessor extent Moses are victims of the dislike some people have on the site for individuals.

We have specific campaigns against Mannah by certain individuals (I was inclined to agree, but hindsight said it was obviously the HIA issues he was having at the time). Since then he has shown he is a genuine and worthwhile bench player and still has a lot to offer.....maybe as a club captain, than as a forward leader.

Norman is also a victim of the same person creating a negative campaign of the party boy and drug taker.

We have all heard it and keep saying it long enough we will start believing it.

Moses has been painted as a turnstile in defence but I believe he one of our best, maybe stats say he misses a lot but the difference is he gets there! plenty don't in this team.

French has also had a negativity painted all over him and it is fair to say he has had a disappointing season, put it down to confidence or a poor recovery from injury, but he is always going to be a fair wether player when the side is going good. If and when we challenge again, French will be an important component.

He is too good to discard yet and there is a lot of water to go under the bridge before this guys footie is over.

The only winner out of all this is the jersey, it cannot feel the pain and humiliation the players must feel.

Oh! that was another campaign led by someone.

Well said Poppa. Sometimes you just nail it. I think that it is objective analysis

Agree totally John & Pops.

My biggest pet peeve though is that last night in the first 10 minutes we got two quick penalties in front and on both occasions Gutho chose to run the ball, on the 2nd occasion it was an obvious call. Had either of those penalties been kicked, certainly one of them had the team 2 up. Saints did that at the first time at the eels end and were 2 in front.

2nd half and the same happened with one good in front penalty give to the eels and again no kick, another 2 points lost, had both options been taken then we win a game we deserved.  The captain has to be told in similar positions take the kick, 2 points are better than perhapsers. especially when you have two recognised kickers in the team..

Sometimes it can be the style of play which doesn’t,t suit certain players.  What do you think about Hayne to full back Poppa. I think the fullback style of play has been disappointing for us this year. Maybe the reason for lack of creating space for our backs. Also would like to see more of Evans. He seems to be the only one with an offload in him. He would need good support runners to show him at his best.. All about the style of play to get the most out of their individual talents

Tad, I tend to agree, I think at this point of his career Gutho is not a 1. Hayne may have lost some pace and the like but he could be a better fullback and Gutho to the centres, where the coach wanted for him in the first place.


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