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Just seen on Fox Sports News Parramatta have a major announcement today at 11.30am.
Any idea what it is?

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First drink's on me, Carlo!
So generous fishie lol if it's a dollar I think the bourbanmay be watered Down ...
Are you suggesting the highly trained and honest bar staff at Kicks watered down the hooch? Wash your mouth out!!! With watered down bourbon.
Not sure but they did at Rosie's and tracks or I would be dead now lol
Wow...the memories come flooding back.
Good old Rosie O’Grady’s and Tracks at Epping.
Well, mine weren’t very watered down, I can remember arriving at both many times, but be dammed if I can remember leaving.
FJ’s at Narrabeen wasn’t bad either. KD’s at St Leonards. The Oaks. Avalon RSL. The list goes on...
No grunta no .... the thought of us partying within 5 metres is scary

Unless you hung out in the male toilets all night you wouldnt have run into him.

True, that’s where I met Snake. He was sniffing trough candy at the time.
I'm in!
I hear they are going all in - they're shipping in a specially made pre-stickied floor from Milan....
Best idea ever. I remember you could only by 4 drinks at once, as if they were being responsible! Only 4! You'd sink those and head straight back.

you'd get to the front of the queue, get your 4 water down jack & coke then head back to the end of the queue, by the time you got to the front all you were thirsty again.


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