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Fogarty is our best option as a backup for an outside back. he can also goal kick and play in the halves. 

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So you dont believe the Fog himself when he says hes not yet ready? If we dont make the 8 it wont be because the Fog didnt play.

Im also not saying that he wont play FG this year. The best person to make that call is BA and his coaching staff not you or I.

But youre not here for a logical discussion are you.

Agreed that BA and others of the coaching staff will know best Slippery but we have a 6 whose in the early stages of learning to play this role. It could take to the middle of next season before everything works smoothly and powerfully for Guth. Choc Frog can't see the common sense behind bringing Fogarty into 9/14 with a spine involving a young Bevan @ 1 too.

This is just too much unnecessary pressure for an inexperienced 9, 6 and 1 to deal with this season.

Experienced spines knowing the craft of applying pressure upon inexperienced spines is not the environment we want our squad to deal with for the rest of this season.

Forget Fogarty, we need Reynolds or we convert Nathan Brown.

Maybe, King will be brought in but again, only BA & co know what's best for our squad.

I have concerns about Kings defense - he will be targeted relentlessly by big boppers until his mind and inevitably his body caves in again, sooner rather than later.  Would love for King to put mud all over my face for years to come. Please do Kingy. 

Well said Choc, but don't worry Slipperyeelswill not respond as it is a well based argument against he's beleive and he does not how to reflect on other people opinions.
Have you ever noticed that all the comments like yourself a and a few othets have not been responded to by Slippereel..

I've suspended him. He gave me the ammunition when he called time-to-get-it-right a ball sucking moron.

In response to being called one himself. Not much of a smoking gun IMO.

Doesn't matter. I've only suspended him for 24 hrs. The fact is he had been irritating people since became a member.

As I've said I have no problem with alternative opinion, but there is a right way to express it.

As I said elsewhere, he's done it before and will continue to get members offside, he can't help himself.

It's all about him and the fact he's been here in at 3 different forms shows that he doesn't learn.

Anyway we have peace for 24hrs, correction 23hrs.
Presh, if you are open to bribery & we can raise enough $ on the site, could you extend the 24 hours suspension into a season or two? Whatever it takes, e.g. a telethon or TPA's for all the Mod's, I'll even go to Church this Sunday (sorry Buddah).

LOL Presh!

 precious GIF


He was being an A-grade tool and a mindless troll, no doubt. Had been since joining/re-joining the site. But the code of conduct allows for the trolls to be suspended and for the rules to be applied more harshly to new members.

Just seems strange that the name-calling had to be used to suspend him.


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