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Fogarty is our best option as a backup for an outside back. he can also goal kick and play in the halves. 

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x2 beat me too it!

Look I never rated McCrone, but although he made mistakes yesterday he was part of a team who beat the premiers? 

I like Robbo, but I'm starting to think he's not just winding down in his career, the spring is shot?

Well you did say that BA had someone pencilled in other than Guth.

SlipperyEel, have you been psycho analysed by Poppa yet and have you since received certification from Snake to perform sanely in this Forum??? Somehow, things just don't seem to be right for you bro and I wonder if somehow you slipped through Phil's cracks and no one has yet picked this up? In brotherly love, I'm just reaching out to you bro. I'm here for you if you need me mate. 

Can i ask a silly question Chocy?
Are you Kermit the Bog? No malice intended...
It's just the Chocolate frog thing is all.

Grunta, are you the porno star, Grunt The Rammer, known for his expletives while performing sodomy with a jar of peanut butter?  

LOOOL frog

Heart warming experiencing the genius in you Slippery. 

Why yes I am Chocolate Frog.
It comes as no surprise that you have seen my movies.



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