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Is the fault really on Arthur and if so where to from here

So with all the blogs on Arthur, its easy and understandable to claim Arthur fatigue. And now I've stopped the endless sack arthur claim until RD 25 as it would've happened by now if he was gonna be sacked mid year.

So overall let me start by what I feel in terms of where he stands in the club right now. I could be completely wrong, so take these comments with a sense of opinion, but I feel the North Queensland win saved his job, for rest of 2018 at least. I honestly believe that when they were requesting to hire Maguire, I believe it was to see if he would accept the job before sacking Arthur, and with Arthur beating NQL he was saved and now Maguire is off to USA with NZ team ill doubt it'll happen now til end of the year.

Now is this his fault. Not completely but he deserves blame for sure. yes the players are not performing, but he brought those players to the club. There are players in this club like French and Moses who I believe can be superstars but there development has been halted due to his support staff and lack of attacking awareness. relying on trust of past players to get job done, he has now realised that young kids need to be enforced and although Niukore and Mahoney have looked decent and could have nice careers, I fear Arthur and his lack of development can't bring the best out of them. I would love to be proven wrong but name 3-4 players that have become better players under Arthur? all I can name is Brown, Moses last year yes but now he has regressed. and As a coach that is your job, get the best of your players.

Now comes the big thing that I feel he has lost. the players. and that can be seen as unfair but that is the NRL. His voice is stale and trying to enforce change now with this playing group is pointless, bit like a little to late kind of approach. Can he coach? of course he can, but doesn't mean he should be void of failure when it is fact, this has happened under his watch. The culture has been abused by players of late and let him down and that Is sad for Arthur but he should have avoided that earlier on.

Now depending on our finish will determine my faith in Arthur, if he can finish with a few wins and ok performances than he can keep his job and clean house and go from there, but then again we would be rebuilding in some sense, Arthur needs a win now team. Look at Souths, same roster as last year just a new fresh voice and it has changed the approach from that team, thats what Parramatta should be doing.

Now should BA be sacked? I think yes. Cut the losses, thank BA for his time but for both sides its better to move on, BA would benefit with change of scenery and become a good coach again elsewhere, we can add a new philosophy and move on too. Could it backfire and BA succeeds elsewhere and our new coach is terrible? possibly but its also possible that we win numerous premierships and Arthur never gets a head coaching job again, you never know.

So who could take over? there is no right or wrong answer for this one as one name doesn't stand out without some concerns. Bennett is great but age and how he left Newcastle and St. George with salary cap dramas did not sit well. Maguire is another option but the way a premiership squad turned on him so quick to later become a top 4 team after being sacked is concerning on his player management skills, you'd have to win quick with Maguire before he loses the playing group again. Guys like Walters, Cameron Ciraldo (who I like), Luke Burt even (who I also like but needs more time in the trade) are all decent and intriguing options but offer inexperience and this team is not rebuilding, we need a coach that can win now. 

Who would everyone pick if you had a choice? the names I mentioned? BA? or another name possibly?

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i would rather Arthur over Bennett or hasler to be honest. Those coaches are done and outdated. But im also not a big Arthur fan and if Maguire or Toovey are available i would prefer them

To BA's credit he does recognise the squad is not good enough and comments he has made recently saying there are 'ten roster spots available next year' meaning a good number of players wont be re-signed. This shows he is not overly delusional about our squad

But in my view i dont think he is good enough to be the coach from a tactics perspective. He makes awful choices from his selection of staff to his decisions in matches which if dont work, he fails to rectify them until its too late. I.E. last night when he failed to move one of the jennings boys when they let in 4 tries until the 65th minute.

We need to freshen things up at the club its disappointing we are in this position
Brad Arthur is done. The club can wrap it up in any way they want but it will be a miracle if he is still coaching the eels in 2019.
The main question is an economic one.
Paying BA out will cost..... Vs
Loss of sponsorship, brand damage, damage to the team going forward.
Can I just throw a name into the mix?
Justin Holbrook. (and I give credit to the poster who suggested it.. Can't remember who but I had forgotten about Holbrook )
Has coached at Eels before and worked at Roosters etc.
Was Australian under 20s coach. Excellent with young talent.
Excellent potential.

Holbrook is the ideal option still contracted, I think Justin would have a similar impact to Anthony Seibold

It was Wiz. See his latest post. I personally think his option 2 is a great idea. Wouldn't it be awesome if this sorry excuse of a club could make that happen??

Permalink Reply by Wizards" Supermax” Sleeve 2 hours ago

Justin Holbrook is a very very good target . But he’s only just started his ESL coaching career . After 2 seasons over there I will say right now he will be a fantastic NRL coach . Getting him now would mean we would have to endure a season or two of him adapting to the big time . Given the cut throat nature of the NRL coaching gig , he’d be a fool to rush in now and stick to enjoying learning his trade over there.  

Personally id do either , 

Stick with BA for the remainder of his contract and bring in a coaching director, all whilst nutting out a deal with Justin for 2020 . 

Get Bennett on a 2 year deal whilst still negotiating with Holbrook for 2020 as Benny’s assistant and from 2021 as our head coach . A year working with Bennett would be an excellent kick start for a future coach . if Bennett doesn’t work for 2019 Justin takes over in 2020.

Onya Wiz... Excellent idea. 

Don’t forget Fathead 

*Multiple premiership winning coach with Canterbury reserve grade ( maybe 3 in a row ?) or at least 3 GFs and 2 wins . 

* took dragons under 20s from the bottom to deep in the semis ( maybe the GF ? ) 

* took our 20s from cellar dwellers to the semis in one year . 

improved St Helens out of site in a few months and took them to 4th last year after arriving half way through the season to a team that was destined for the bottom half of the table .   This year they’re top of the table 6 points clear of Wigan . 

Prior to that his “ Bush coaching”  record was impeccable captain coached Dapto to 2 grand finals for 1 win and then arrived at the Gunghalin bulls in Canberra to a team that was wooden spooners a few years straight and made the GF in his first year with the reigns .  Success just follows the guy . 

He will be the next big thing I have no doubts at all . And he loved his time at Parra but BA couldn’t find a spot on his assistants crew for him so he was poached by Easts . 

BA couldn't find a spot for him because he made BA look bad, instead he got a homeless bum like Grima and a total nobody like Murphy who was sacked from the Titans.

Sign him now
He won’t be here 2019. I heard the Souths game at home was being used as a litmus test as to where the team was at. Clearly there are huge issues with the way the team is playing and they are coaching staff related. Michael Jennings had a reputation as an excellent defensive centre and was made to look second rate in an ineffective system. It’s all over for Arthur.
Arthur even after the game looked and sounded like a dead man walking. The end is near


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