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If you could make one rule change in the NRL, what would it be?

Player with the ball is solely responsible for securing the ball. If they’re is a defenders hand on the ball and it comes lose stiff bickies. Hold it like you own it. Way too many rubbish penalties in this area for me. 

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I'd change the kick for touch rule after a penalty. This rule was made when balls were pigskins and would only travel 20m.

Now after a penalty your in the opposition's 20
Agree Cheif. Penalties have too much of an influence over the game as a result of kicking for touch
Agreed. Perhaps if there is continued or even just one subsequent penalty for the same infringement type, the ref can allow a kick for touch. Otherwise teams will very very very quickly work our ways to exploit this. Just like how they give away goal line penalties knowing penalty tries and/or send offs never happen anymore.


The refs dictate the outcome. Invariably the winner of the penalties wins the game.

Limit their impact and you will improve the game ten fold.

Hmmm... But then we'd end up with 2 or 3 in the tackle and 3 more trying to rip the ball out. That's why they changed the rule in the first place. 

You need to be careful what you wish for. I agree they need to tidy this area up but unless you can remember the way football was played prior to the introduction of this rule, be hesitant.

Players tucked the ball up under the arm and made one out runs for fear of being stripped of the ball. This rule has opened the game up
Get rid of the wrestle. Adds nothing to the game as a spectacle
How are you going to do that? What rule would you introduce?

I guess Aveel looking into the rules of tackling for a start; how many tackles do we see where players have arms pinged; held up to deliberately slow the play down; the rule i thought was about attempting tackles and the player being held when their progress has stopped.

Tackle player 1. A player in possession may be tackled by an in possession opposing player or players. It is illegal to tackle or obstruct a player who is not in possession.
When tackled: 2. A player in possession is tackled:
Grounded (a) when he is held by one or more opposing players
and the ball or the hand or arm holding the ball
comes into contact with the ground.
Upright (b) when he is held by one or more opposing players
in such a manner that he can make no further
progress and cannot part with the ball.
Succumbing (c) when, being held by an opponent, the tackled
player makes it evident that he has succumbed to
the tackle and wishes to be released in order to
Hand on player (d) when he is lying on the ground and an opponent
already grounded places a hand on him

Enforce the rules as they are written instead of the referees trying to manage the game all of the time

demote referees for consistent poor calls based on independant asseessment --3 strikes and you are out of reffing 1 st grade for the rest of the year

Wouldn't you have to take the same stance with players. 3 or more errors (dropped balls or forward passes) in a year and you have to sit the rest of the year out of first grade. Might not be a competition come round 3.

Refs will make errors, just like players. Some will be in your team's favour, others against.


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