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On how refreshing it is to be apart of such a well informed and respectful eels community. I have never seen such a non elitist message forum where everyone gets a say and no one is excluded. I have been away finishing off some loose ends but I look forward to reading everyones blogs more often and posting some original content.

*Sips whiskey* Cheers

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This is why Anxiety is at a all time high in society.

Yes, he obviously hasn't been reading my posts, I am so pissed off with most of the shite I have read, I am reverting to call everyone Dopey or Dope.

Where did I get that from Frankie?

OIUTSTANDING BLOG!! i always knew eels man could see the forest through the trees

Thank you, I am no spring chicken but even the oldest dogs can learn new tricks. 

Kim say special blog deserve special response....https://media1.giphy.com/media/fgrAH0k1Up2yA/giphy.gif

I'd like to applaud the dope than invented the flu vaccine. Useless prick.m

Been taking care of a few things last couple of weeks havent been able to participate  .good to see nothings changed every body calling people dopes dickheads and all the other top names ahh feel right at home again.thanks for putting that photo of me getting my flu shot there sluggo are its good to be back home


he maybe a dickhead....but he has nice tits....well tit.

Don't you worry Wongy....he is just a grumpy old bastard!

I'm grumpy!! F*** me you've had a go at everyone yesterday must be my turn.

Very educational you only get this kind of content here


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