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HEROES....who are Parramatta's heroes in your eyes since you started following them?

Thought of this when Craig made a post about "our heroes" and thought who would be my heroes in 60 odd years of following Parra.

Try and keep your list to less than say 10 and remember heroes are very special and personal.

Mine would be 

The Thornett Brothers, Ron Lynch

Ray Higgs, Ray Price, Brett Kenny, Eric Grothe Snr

Jarryd Hayne, Semi Ramrada

interestingly I would have had Nathan Hindmarsh but the romance has waned since he became a "TV Star".....see Heroes can be personal and emotional!

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Barnes one of the best long distance kickers ever produced. No one seems to take kicks from 55meters out these days 

Tries were 3 points in those days Tad and goals 2. It was simple logistics.

There is no doubt with the balls they have now that goal kicking is a lot easier in comparison.

Sluggy was telling me that as a goal kicker in those days, he would often reject the first ball thrown to him. 

Keith Campbell or boof to those around his base, was well able to kick goals from over half way, IIRC, the longest one was 5 - 8 metres inside own half, also a very handy lock as well.

The old leather balls were heavier than those used today, new ones for they year were brought in at the beginning of the year and slippery to handle, but after around 7 rounds they became worn in a lot more, and easier to handle. Other aspect of them was that in the wet, and often muddy grounds, they got heavier again, goal kickers would rub the balls with hands and onto their playing gear before kicking to try and get muck off them.

Other aspect as well is that there was no tee used, kickers had to form a tee out of sand or at one point later when grounds were improved with soil of the same type used on the fields.

Poppa, to me and perhaps from left field are players that did some things that were memorable, some got calls when they ran and the crowd stood up expecting a try to come from it.

Who remembers the crowd noise when Big Mark Tookey got the ball, well preceded the FUUU call!  A big legged centre by the name of Greg Owens who ran like Gibbs the halfback from Manly with head back, Owens was unstoppable if anyone tried tackling around the legs but above the knee, huge big thick legs, he was hit with a big tackle and  his head snapped back, his career over.

Couple of young 3rd graders who got up to reserves that had crowd appeal and both were wingers, Dave Cheung and Gulio Pomponio. the mob on the Southern side of Cumberland love the both of them.

John Quayle had a crook shoulder and played ever week with it, trouble was mostly through dislocation, and saw him on more than one occasion come to sideline with the team doctor and surgeon there, pulling it back into place and he went back on the field.

These and other memories are not really of well known players, but I remember them big time, another player, and his name escapes me was a back who was the first to score 4 tries for the eels, it may have been 5 but certainly 4.  Was there to witness the tries and gee they were great efforts.

Loved the mark tookey call 'tookey tookey tookey' great times

Yep, just said to Karen we forgot about "Tooks" Carls.

good post Huss and exactly what the blog was trying to identify.

I remember Greg Owens well, he was one of my favourites and Gulio Pomponio  who is  a member of this site was one of Parramatta Tragic's favourite players.

Gulio......how about throwing up a blog "Those were the days" !!

Just fill in the memories, PT will add the soundtrack and video...LOL

Gulio would be a real player for an Italian side in the WC matches.

Dave Cheung IIRC was the first player that had Asian heritage.  To me those days with 3 grades were great to watch, especially at the vintage and decrepit Cumberland.

Best play though was to go under the grandstand during a game to get food and get the Parra Chant from above, you could feel it through the old timber flooring to the ground, always felt it was going to come down, but only way you could get food as half time and between games huge queues.

Lets not forget real hot dogs back then as you left the game and smell of metho burners that heated the franks up.  All part of hero stuff and not cool tasteless stuff of today, that's sat in warmers for yonks.  

The player who scored the 4 tries was Owen Stephens, I remembered his name last night but forgot to post.  Someone else posted his name a while ago but the reply was deleted.  He was a good player but IIRC did not have a long career at the eels.

Owen scored 4 tries on debut against Souths at Redfern. The grandstand was full of vicious grandmothers and they were scary. Owen chopped Souths to pieces, maybe because he was on debut and no one knew quite what to expect. He had express pace and could step very quickly off both feet. He was a former All Black and if memory serves he may have also played Union for Australia (one of the few to play for both countries) He features in this clip Col p.s. see if you can spot Keith Campbell and John Vincent:

Has anyone mentioned Steve Mackenzie, nobody’s hero but deserves a mention.

Forgotten man Sluggy......I had to remind myself who he was.

 Yes , well done Slugg. Steve did is job particularly in the 81 Grand Final.


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