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HEROES....who are Parramatta's heroes in your eyes since you started following them?

Thought of this when Craig made a post about "our heroes" and thought who would be my heroes in 60 odd years of following Parra.

Try and keep your list to less than say 10 and remember heroes are very special and personal.

Mine would be 

The Thornett Brothers, Ron Lynch

Ray Higgs, Ray Price, Brett Kenny, Eric Grothe Snr

Jarryd Hayne, Semi Ramrada

interestingly I would have had Nathan Hindmarsh but the romance has waned since he became a "TV Star".....see Heroes can be personal and emotional!

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always was on my feet when big Phil Mann got the ball at fuillback but didn,t quite make the big busts I was hoping from him. Maybe would add Neville  Glover in that mix Poppa --- for the biggest small guy would have to go for Paul ? Taylor

Good choices Tad, Phil Mann was special, loved Glover and it is hard not to think Paul Taylor wouldn't be very popular on this list.

I reckon PT will be a special for Bob O'Reilly and I will be surprised if "Shovells" is not on Sluggy's list.

Far out I forgot one of the best Bob Orielly

Shovels, you bet his is no one could down a pint like shovels. Ron Graham was a perfect gentleman. Other favourites Ivor Lingard  he gave us the Cumberland Throw,  Ron hilditch, Steve Ella, Mark Ella was asked who was the best Ella he said Steve, Bear was always fun to be around. More modern times Hayne when he was Hayne, Fui and all that Pop mentioned. It would be easier to list who I didn’t like.

Thanks Tad,  I did my best

Phil ----those long legs mate--never forget them--- at least 6 foot each step--shoulda scored more tries and then we had tiny Kolc what a contrast--loved watching both

TAZZA 100%

I still have man crush on this bloke.  As for more recent i hope Gutho becomes a lifer at the Eels. He certainly is my fav  with Manu at the moment.

Cronin sat directly behind me at the 09 GF, a true gentleman.

He’s a champion.


I dont have any 'heroes' that were sportsman, not sure ive got any heros at all but ive got plenty of favs.


Paul Taylor






Clinton Schifkofske 



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