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One thing I can say with 100% certainty is that the current board will not tolerate the eels going backwards from last year and should this happen then BA already knows he will have a lot to answer for , this is his 5th year as coach , he has the players he wants and the coaching staff he wants so unless we have a massive injury toll their will be no excuses for going backwards.

Corey Norman is the most useless playmaker in the game especially in the opposition 20 , he is a one trick pony who offers f*** all even with a heap of ball , Corey has never stood up in a big game and when he does play well it is against crap opposition as he turns to absolute shit against top opposition and this is the reason why QLD never pick him even when they have injuries.

Part of the reason the eels have piss poor attack is because of Corey and unless he all of a sudden improved by 100% our attack will remain crap as Mosses although very talented is not talented enough to do it on his own as he has his own flaws  to address.

This nonsense about Hayne playing on the wing is as hilarious as people saying Nathan Hindmarsh and Nathan Cayless were two of the most mentally tough players to ever play the game and who always knew what it took to win and never buckled under pressure.

Hayne has more talent in his left pinky than our whole team combined let alone  Moses and Norman , if you had one set of 6 to win a game you would want Jarryd to touch the ball the most over Norman and Moses every time .

If the eels attack does not improve and Corey don't improve then BA will have no choice but to put Hayne , last year he had no one to replace Norman this year and if we are struggling with our attack then I would bet that Hayne will be at 6 by Rd 10 .   

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Mick is the best footy poster on here bar none Kram.

Even more knowledgable than your good self.

Fong not overly certain aspects but!   How long has Norms been here, 4 years, this being his 5th, has played an average of 6 games per year, a total of 84 games for the eels and prior to that at the horses he played there for the same number of years and played only 63 games an average of just under 16 games a season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corey_Norman.

Since coming here he's had fair games and some good ones, but injury and suspensions have cost him dearly at the eels, he enters this season possibly with the most pressure on him from players that have the abilities needed for the 5/8 spot, in a nutshell its his to lose.

Early on he had the record for best 40/20 kicks in a season at one point a good advantage for him.  This year will certainly be the one where he has to perform and show he's up to it, personally I have reservations and while the backline has a fair amount of quality in there, almost any one of them could drop out unless they are consistent in their game plays.

I have said it several times that when Gutho comes back he will put a huge amount of pressure on all the backline positions, wing excepted.  If Norms does not lift he may be on the look out for a new club as he could more than likely spend a degree of time at Wenty.  If he sees out his contract until end of 2019, I would be doubtful of it being extended.

Not sure where you got that average from Huss 84 games for Parra over 4 years is 21 per season.

The calculator miscalculate, & the C&P didn't pick it up.

Don't worry Col, it didn't get me off the mat lol.

Just goes to show just the same, an example of questioning stats. Stats "baldly" 

accepted can be a very dangerous way of managing anything.

Having a financial background has taught me to question every number, as I have seen how they can be manipulated to make a particular case....for and against.

Too True Pops.

Kram - perhaps his mate getting doused in fuel and burnt to death in late August had more effect on him than he thought it would. 


Quite possibly Badge.

To be fair Norman has had a shit run with halves partners lately

You are the biggest dickhead in the world.

Thats a big call EP, what about ped0s and murderers?

Don't agree with any of what you have written... Jarryd is very inconsistent, a short review of history will show that JH has never had an impact from 5/8. No runs on the board to prove otherwise. Wishful thinking maybe?


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