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every now and then I put up a classical music piece-this is a beauty

Satie--brilliant for a breath in and out moment--one for Snake who is into this stuff


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Not bad....I prefer this one better though


Brax I have seen some of their full concerts mate--they are very good--have modernised a lot of classical pieces and attract massive crowds in Europe

Tad, I actually rate them. I don’t mind the occasional bit of classical music, helps me to drop the angry levels when I’m in a foul mood lol
Lol down grunta

Hmmm  thanks Grunts maybe I will give some serious thoughts---emmmmm-A Hayne blog?

One of the great love songs: Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (You Are My Hearts Delight) look up the translation

Lucky last and 10 types of brilliant. "Recondita Armonia" by Puccini sung by Pavarotti. Basic story is being with someone whilst thinking of someone else

nice selection PT . watching expressions in a very large audience says,it all.  I am not so much into opera but enjoyed it. I saw this piece by Maria Callas in an Australian made movie loved it and when ever I hear it ---it reminds me of this movie


Maria Callas is the soprano by whom all others are judged. She had a sad life. She was a very big lady with a very big voice but fell in love with Aristotle Onasis and she trimmed right down to please him. Aristotle then dropped Maria to marry Jacquie Kennedy after JFK met an untimely end.

If you scroll down the YouTube comments on this clip (about 5 down), someone has posted a reference to 1eyedeel after I posted this about  a year ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVQJUSUxMqo

Thanks PT for the Info I listened to her again when I posted this. She is really brilliant. The Australian movie that this music was played was done by an Australian Director Paul Cox who died  a couple of years ago I think it was called Man of Flowers. It was about a single wealthy lonely man living in Melbourne and his sad life. He loved Art and got into a relationship with a much younger Art model--lovely story and maybe reflected a bit on Maria Callais issues with love

ha ha Slugg I was worried about clicking on to this one mate---my worry is confirmed---


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