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every now and then I put up a classical music piece-this is a beauty

Satie--brilliant for a breath in and out moment--one for Snake who is into this stuff


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Very good Slugg, loved it. 

Nice relaxing piece Tad.But the title is a bit sus.In Greek it translates as "Naked Child".

gee Tom I was half hoping you would throw up one of your specials-you are a great judge

i find 19th French composers pretty bland.A lot of classical music post 1850,is pretty boring.every now and then I come across something that has fire in it's belly,but little matches up the giants like Bach,Chopin,Beethoven and Mozart.The lesser composers have good music too,but a lot of it is pretty mind numbing.

Rachmaninoff, Wagner ?Tom surely you would like them 

They are good as is Tchaikovsky.I love all of Strauss' waltzes.Probably because they were used in the Looney Tunes cartoons.But I like a strong energetic,emotional piece. Super saccharine sweet ,overly fussy music does nothing for me.Having said that,my tastes change according to my moods.What I used to hate,can later become a favourite.e.g I used to groan everytime Shostakovich was mentioned .. until I heard his waltz.It was beautiful .Sometimes the background music to a movie or video brings a particular piece to greater focus.

When I first started taking piano seriously,I bought a book with a selection of Chopin pieces,Nocturnes,polonnaises,waltzes ,etudes and my favourite of all the Fantasie Impromptu.I then bought a cd that featured  a lot of the pieces to hear how accomplished musicians played them.One piece,

Etude Op.10 No.12 'Revolutionary did nothing for me.Until I saw a WW2  documenrary on the Nazis bombing Warsaw set to this music.It was a perfect match

This is the Shostakovich waltz,

I knew I could count on you Tom--- Have to listen to this on a good sound system to appreciate it

Geez I'm glad the footy is only 3 weeks away, it's been a long orf season on here !!!!

The only reason I went here then was what was JJ doing with Tad's classical music.

If you play the download JJ you can a requiem of Mozart.


This is still my pick for classical? music 

The Mayor--you sucked me in as did Slugg--expecting some thing really special had my bottle of Shiraz handy and all..Glad that Poppa is familiar with Mozarts requiem-- I suppose I can wallow in that one for a while with a couple of glasses 

Tad sorry mate, i only lasted 30 seconds, reminded me of the soundtrack to a documentary about Auschwitz i watched the other day..


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