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The coach, the players or the fans.

It has become almost surreal watching us find a new way of losing every week.

Some correspondents have referred to a numbness setting in.

This could be a good way to prepare me if I am ever given the choice.

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Ba is totally accountable for this shit absolutely. He signed most of the players, it's his team.
Our pack gets dominated every week we're predictable, have no game plan, and always rely on individual brilliance to get us out of the shit like hayne and semi in 17.

If the board don't come up with the correct decision, they must go to, along with Bernie Gurr and Max Donnelly. The fans must make a stand. Jnr development has been diabolical, signings are a joke and we're a rabble. Wake up. One decent forward *brown signing in five years doesn't cut it brad.

Nothing changes in 19 guaranteed.

It's the blackest time in Parramatta's history and another guaranteed wooden spoon. BA must apologize for this crap. Short sighted and selfish no look signings to save himself, and no longterm foresight.

Yes we need a head of football, but ba's selfish recruitment policy means he is finished. F*** him

Hey Chief, do you really think Brown is that good?

I was at the game and he got dominated all night, TV is deceptive but this guy ran sideways more than he did forward.

Vave played well, I'd say he is being shopped around hence why he decided to run hard for once.

Surely French has got to go? 

Gutherson is a solid 1st grader but not someone the club should be built around, why does everyone keep pointing in that direction on here?

Euthanasia for the coach more like it, he won't fall on his sword which is fair enough but someone at the club has to put their big boy pants on and make the decision for the good of the club.  BA is a broken man who is out of idea's and looks a dead man walking.

This is next level extreme poppa
But I understand

Good news is its a racing day.

Apparently you like a punt Al, try Sunshine Coast R5 no 7 Our Gravano.....its a Newcastle Horse.

doing my form now Poppa, cheers mate I'll have a look at it.

Sorry mate. I did my arse as well.


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