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Just checking who has been on the piss I reckon. All this bonding leads to that sort of stuff.

After a good bondage session I love a drink!!!

There’d be as many women involved at yours as the team’s too no doubt Baz.

Nothing wrong with male affection :)

if they really want to bond, just get them to get on the pinga’s together. Nothing like a good sesh to get that bond happening

Wtf that would make you happy i know cause i do ever day from centalcoast  to sydney  poor boys lol

Looking at some of the photos of certain players and my first reaction is 'why in the blazes did the the Eels recruitment keep this player'? 

If we start playing as bad in 2019 as we did this year, maybe we should request 3am games from the NRL? At least then with the fog we won't be able to see how bad they are playing.


Remember Brissy, this will be the best pre-season ever.

"Toughest pre season ever"

Wow, now all we need is NRL games to start at 3am in the mornings and we might be in with a better chance for a couple of wins.


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