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$2.7million 3 year contract

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Worth every penny.  Throw similar money at Val Holmes and if we can get 1 of the 2 we are in business.

And what does that mean for French

I honestly cannot see French moving from FB, at least not in the short term.  I'm only guessing but I'd say Guth back to the centres and Bird to 5/8.

Bird not here to play fb but in the halves. The only two spots he wants is fb and 5/8 and he will get 5/8 spot. Big money, more than what we are paying Norman, but think further strengthening the forwards and a good hooker are more important.

I mean with val Holmes ? Similar money is fullback kind of money

If we get him and Kyle Feldt to replace semi

Agreed.  Whoever replaces Semi will be a massive down grade.  He is just that bloody good.  At least with these 2 we would still have a power winger and with Birds ability to break tackles we'd be very dangerous all over the park.

Could all be rumours though so not getting excited in round 3.

I'd be going hard after Nafoaluma first, and if he rejects us I would go for Feldt, any of the 2 would be great

can't defend, Feldt much better 

Kahu would be a better winger
And still no goal kicker or Hooker?
We have both.


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