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$2.7million 3 year contract

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Would be a pointless gesture Frank. 350k for a player of his calibre doesn't get you to the starting gate.
You know I was being facetious - of course he is worth more, but if he is willing to join us then it shouldn't only be about the coin, or is it???
Betcha it is.

Its the coin, the position, the club and the coach.

Coins the only negotiable unless youre the Tigers then its see ya later coach.

Of course it's a big part of it. I don't think it's the only consideration, although the story I'm hearing is that he is gonna take the biggest offer on the table.

350, that's a joke mate
Yes you can offer him and every origin player under the sun $350k. No one will come. There's 15 other clubs that will double or triple that money.

It's a lot of cash, but on the flipside look at Hunt on $1 Million a year, JT and Hayne on $1.2 million a year, even Ponga got offered $3 Million over 5 years after 3 games!! (although I think he's going to be a genuine superstar, eventually). Apparently the Broncos have offered Milford the highest contract in the clubs history, so would have to be $1 million plus per year (but probably $300K on the books.....). When you compare what other halves are getting paid at the moment, I'd rather pay $900 for Bird to play 6 than $1 Million+ for Hunt or Milford, I actually rate him better than those 2 by a decent stretch. Gutho is still developing as a 6, but I think he'd thrive in the centres and Taka may not have long left in his career as a centre. Having Guth take Taka's spot next year which gives you a decent back up half if Norman or Bird were out is an ideal situation in my book.

Will this amount spent ( if true) put the Hayne back to eels to bed too ? - please no chronic injury issues though ( how bad is the arthritis :-(

I thought you were only interested in getting Foz back into bed, Carlo - sorry, back to the eels....

Ask me 2 years ago and I would have loved Hayne back to the Eels, now it doesn't really bother me when you see the issues the Titans are having with him. I'd probably prefer not to have him back actually.

They never make it 'back' into my bed brissyeel lol

I dunno Carlo, I reckon JBJ would get a 2nd crack, even with the new grey hair!! LOL


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