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French too small, Hayne back to fullback, mannah on the bench

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Blog of the year so far! Brilliant and absolutely astounding material!

Paul Taylor was too small as well apparently.
To be fair, different era and all. Mick Delroy weighed 70 kgs. Handy player, wouldn't get a look in in today's game.

Not saying today's game is better, give me a footballer over a power athlete any day. But power trumps finesse these days.
French is taller than Billy Slater and only a few kg lighter (he has bulked up a bit though, so may be similar). If he has the talent and can score tries he's good enough.

Hes got legs like weeds unfortunately.

Was a lot of light players back then longfin, it was a different game.

A lot more sexier hey snake.
Hayne i dont think has the fitness to play at the back for now
Individuals of matching height and weight won't necessarily have the same strength and power.


Is Dom is Good


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