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Cronk to reveal the Storms Secret Weapon to the Roosters

CRAIG Bellamy fully expects Cooper Cronk to share Melbourne Storm’s secrets with the Sydney Roosters but says the halfback won’t know everything his former NRL club is up to.

After 14 seasons with the reigning premiers, the veteran joined the Roosters on a two-year deal after moving to Sydney to be with his fiancee. He went with Bellamy’s blessings, although the coach would have preferred he retired rather than lined up against the Storm.

“I don’t particularly like him playing with another team but it’s his decision and what’s best for him,” Below are pictures of the Storms Secret Weapon.

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The Storms secret weapon is stability, being able to hold the games best spine plus 3 or 4 world class forwards together for an extended period will bring inevitable success. This can only be achieved by cheating the cap.
I actually laughed. Although I don't think this is a secret to the Roosters. The Roosters also have the free gift cards.

The Roosters already know how to cheat the Cap.

I'm guessing this is one of the major reasons that Cronk chose the rorters. He may be on 1m per year, but he'd know that he will probably end up getting almost double that, just like at the storm.

Amazing guess.

SnakePorn, Grunta Fong doesn’t just guess he knows! When Grunta Fong speaks SnakePorn it’s time to take notice. Not like some of the ‘Chronic Dribblers’.

and you would know this by?

It must be great having Mont's as a friend Grunts....you certainly know how to pick them!

Do you have any other friend's to lay claim to Grunts....lucky I own you! 

I’m sure that Grunta has multitudes of great friends. What about you Poppa who do you have besides the ‘Chronic Dribblers’?
You really are a sad case Monto maybe you’ll change when you grow up.
Better a ‘sad case’ than a ‘nut case’ hey, Slugg Alert!!!
It’s funny yet horrible that snake not only had a fetish of disabled men, but men aged over 80with catheters. Snake loves cleaning catheters and colostomies with his tongue.
Each to their own I guess. Ploppa, Sluggo and Snakette are a match made in heaven.

I think you should get a hobby Grunt's now that you have lost your job with the council.....it is appropriate that you start some volunteer work.

Sluggy has just built a new home and some work in his new garden would be most helpful.....us old people can't get there with all the catheters and bags etc.

Your not above helping the aged are you.

Working for the dole will help clear that little bit of space that you seem to find about 4 in the morning.


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