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There is no better example than the club culture being reflected by this site.
React to that as you see fit but the rationale and approach from many here is hardly what you would feel other than "cringeworthy". I can see the personal attack's coming my way immediately I say that.

Criticise anyone from the coach to the front office but we are the fans.....we know best!......bullshite!

A journalist uses the example of Wests and resurrects Benji and Packer.....for one minute do you think their current resurrection is anything different to what you saw with us in the past two years.

Chief writes a comment that he never lets up on and summarises it with the "poor jersey". Now that is a culture!

I have no doubt this site contributes more negative culture than any other single thing that Kenny and the crew can attempt.

More IEE members are posting every day on TCT because the discussion there is considered and well tempered. Those members including the like's of Chief who speaks much more logically and rationally than anything he says here.
Do you think manners are reflected by whose house you are a guest in?
I love this site but as someone else said recently, you can hardly go more than a few posts before the poison pen sets in with all the insults.

We need to be better than that, just like the team and everyone else.

If you don't like what I have said, just move on an ignore it.

I will bet that is a discipline not many of the "Lynch Mob" will be able to refrain themselves from!

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It's his safe space

Moderations your safe place super, if you lost that youd be gone, the only reason you are here is because you are in a position you can pull the strings and you have some power, youre nothing but a yes man.

A yes man to who? 

I love this site . I have never had one bit of trouble here.

Well said Poppa!!! TCT is a fantastic site and your posting over their is valued greatly.........

Sooooooooooo do us all a favour f*** off over there for good and stop boring the people who see you for the fraud that you are.

You won't be missed.

Woe is 1Eyedeel ... Why can't we all just get along? 

Be excellent to each other.

Well said Poppa, I agree with your thoughts, maybe it's an age/respect thing. I'm most impressed that you've managed to get Fong and his lemmings to totally justify what you've written

Less b*******, more leaving the site.

I'll agree with you poppa i post on both the attacks here are between a few and it can hijack a blog.
Although I've copped criticism for calling for BAs sacking on TCT aswell but never at me more my opinion and thats the difference

Go over there and criticise BA and the club daily - lets see how long you last on there.

Im over as much as iam here my opinion on BA is on record and ive been challenged.

I just like taking about this team and ill do that wherever its the BS between members that hijacks a blog that shits me. I don't know anyone personally and I'm going to get into the dribble or at least try not to anyway

thank you for the support that I have received from this blog.

Please understand that I am a great supporter of this site and will continue to be so.......... If allowed!

I don't disparage any of the criticism that comes about other than the personal nature that prempt's much of the commentary.

I have been  great friends with many of what people may call my protagnists since I have been here.

This said the subject of the blog is culture and I strongly believe our culture which is personal.....is wrong.

I believe we can be better than that.

My feelings are with Sir Super Eel.....he is on his lonesome and me and him have had issues but he is a genuine person.


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