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Must start soon as possible at the next home game. He can't improve the players, he can't inspire the team. It's time the Parra faithful stopped whinging and actually did something useful with their voice. But pressure on senior management to dump this pretender of a coach.

I'll start of the chant.

"Feck off BA, you country w"nker"

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It's well known that country people are more trusting than city folk. BA's sentimentality and misplaced trust in his players is a key factor for why our season has turned to shit.

here here !

So is Tim, BA b****.

It’s amazing to me that most of the people calling for BA’s head hide behind avatars and don’t put their real names to their posts.

Courageous stuff.

I post under my name Brett, but smooth figs is not my middle name.

I knew you’d be the first to respond, that’s why I said most.

Why?  I would say most posters are pretty civil regarding the coach - they just expect a lack of performance to be accountable. I dont see how courage comes into it.  

Well then put your own name to it

So by your measurement...those that prefer to use an alias instead of their real name have no courage??? 

I dont believe ive ever personally criticised anyone on this forum but you Sir ...

Yeah I have, and I use my own name. 

Gosh ! Well sorry...  I just thought that someone who talks such utter nonsense like you do,  wouldnt have their own name in any way associated with it. I just thought you were using an alias 

You are right - that IS courageous!  

Well done old man,  well done.... 

Yeah Brett, I am Donald Trump’s love child. It just he doesn’t know it.


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