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Blake Austin to sign with eels before june 30 and norman to get the sack.

You heard it hear first boys.

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Rather sign Carney

Is this actually factual or a blank statement.

He is one of my mates he loves parra he shits on Norman 

Fong, he'd fit perfectly with Moses

we need hungry big forwards

I got a leak from inside parra camp i dont no if its for sure but last time i got a tip like this it was a bout Jarryd Hayne and i knew he was coming to parra aweek before media frenzy

Hey Wenty, I hope you are right, Norman is great when he is on and not when he's not!

There will be no changes at parramatta and you heard it here first

At least Austin has a dig.  But he is a very limited 6 with a very average kicking game.

Hes not going to win us a GF, i actually think he would be a step down from corey in all but the effort dept.

I'd prefer a 6 or 7 out of 10 on talent but a 9 or 10 out of 10 in effort like Austin 

Then an 8-9 in talent but 5 out of 10 in effort like Corey

WTF are u on about, I give ur stupid comment a 2 out of 10


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