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OK, so not sure a whole blog on this is a good idea, but I'm still constantly amazed at the negativity of a large percentage of "fans" on this site. It's like the sky is falling regardless of what happens. There's the constant BA Bush Coach Bashing - can't coach, can't recruit, can't develop players etc etc. Unfortunately, the majority of these kind of posts clearly avoid facts and are like a 4th class kid running around making pointless accusations.

A blog gets posted about Juniors and their development - people bag them, they can't play, aren't ready, BA can't develop them further anyway blah blah blah.

A blog gets posted about potentially chasing Cook, the current NSW and Australian hooker - people falsely go on about he's only had 1 good year (complete BS he's been quality for a few years now), why would you sign him for 5 years, if we sign him we lose Mahoney and other juniors - not sure why that matters because apparently they can't play, aren't ready, BA can't develop them etc (ie. see above).

The amount of rubbish that is sprouted which constantly contradicts the posters opinions in different circumstances has me thinking we either have a large % of the most negative supporters in the NRL, or we've simply got some of the dumbest.

No matter what happens, the Club, BA, Bernie, Max, et al. cop it.

  • We don't announce signings, they all get bagged;
  • We get linked to quality rep players, they all get bagged
  • We talk about juniors coming through, they all get bagged

A lot of people come on here looking for good news and positivity about the Club they love and support, many have left for good because they don't find that anymore. To have a bit of good-hearted banter and debate about certain issues/players etc. is par for the course and healthy. Nobody likes losing, nobody likes getting a wooden spoon, nobody likes their mates giving them crap for losing like we did in 2018. But as of 1st November the 2018 season is done and dusted and we now focus on 2019. I really don't see the point in continually going over the 2018 debacle and the negativity. We should be looking to 2019 with an air of optimism - we've made some decent signings to fix some glaring deficiencies we had in 2018, we've blooded a lot of youth (Niukore, Mahoney, Salmon, Kaufusi etc) and there's more coming through that have a winning culture through the junior grades. Will those things translate into a premiership - who knows, but if I get labelled a Unicorn for daring to dream, so be it, I'd much rather that than live in a sad, sad, place where the only thing you do is bag the Club you're supposed to be a fan of.

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I cannot see any pluses in constantly being negative, but I can see pluses in being positive in life. In saying that, when I hit a negative area, I look forward to getting out of it ASAP that happens fairly quickly when I get out of the situation and be thankful when I am out, also avoid where its possible to do so being part of the negative side, easy enough to do if you can look forward to something that you see as being positive, even if its getting out of bed of morning and looking forward to a good day.

I couldn't agree more Colin! I think we need to realise that bagging everything takes very little intellect, calling people names (imbecile, dope, bush coach) takes even less. What we have with some on this site is a combination of both.Again keyboard warriors with small ideas and even less loyalty!


I'm sure there;s plenty of season ticket holders, club members, purchasers of merch and patrons of the leagues club who have referred to the club in a derogatory manner at least a few times in the last 12 months.

The teams performance attracts negativity but to assume that someone who is negative towards the clubs performance level and/or their future prospects is also negative in all other aspects of life is fairly ridiculous. 

In addition, I don't think criticizing Brad Arthur (or anyone else) on their performance automatically constitutes that person being labelled a "keyboard warrior" - which basically implies cowardice. If that was the case ANY fan who has EVER bagged a player (yelling out at the game, for example) is in the same boat, Maybe unless they're prepared to get out on the field and make the tackles themselves, or confront the player face to face on the street, they should just sit silent and emotionless.

I'm not so sure that someone like BA would really appreciate or respect someone who constantly p***** up his back even when he's doing shite. I would say he expects the derision and may even draw inspiration from it (not that he would ever read anything on this site). Hard cases like BA generally prefer blokes with a bit of dash and fire in the belly. 

I have never felt more pessimistic about the clubs performance than what I do now - sure as shite doesn't mean the rest of my life is filled with negativity though. I just wish the dopes and imbeciles running the club and playing in the team would get their f****** act together. 

Kram what about the repetitive nature of it and I'm not talking once or twice I'm talking several times a day about the same person.I would think some guys on here would wear out keyboards continually shouting down that certain person lol.

What you have said is well considered and reasonable. My problem is with the numpties who would read what you have said, for instance, and say: "Kram, you're a F******* dope! only an imbecile would think that!" Clearly you are not and clearly everyone has a right to say what ever they like! What I think people get the poops with is personal attacks that are made by anonymous people who could be gutless, criminal, normal or whatever - behind the guise of anonymity, abuse is negative and cowardly!  

Time for some to seriously think of this association with the Eels as a marriage .If you are constantly unhappy, complain,when the faults are intolerable and little you can find that pleases you---- giving so much long term grief maybe its time for a divorce and find a new partner. A new fresh beginning where tolerance is much easier to accommodate

Wash your mouth out Tad :)

You know what they say about marriage - something about good times and bad. The worse it gets the harder you have to hang in.

Being a Parra supporter isn't a choice - it's a calling. 

Cant aregue with that Walpy - cheers mate :)

Kram there is really little or no doubt that everyone has had a negative post or shout out and players at a game, in the same way I am glad I have never brought a brick into the house of anywhere near the TV when I watch a game of RL, some of the stuff dished up by players, match refs and bunker mob, and not just with the eels would mean I would need to replace a TV every year, probably several times in a season.

The aspect of being negative at those times be it at the game or on the box, is mainly due to frustration with decisions made by ones supported teams and the inept aspect of refereeing decisions especially the one sided ones against your team.  The yelling and such is a result of that frustration especially when losing a match, more so with this season from hell.

Yes I have said some negative things against some of the eels players along with coaching decisions in regard sometimes with player selections, and our coaches constant refusal to make a public blast of the players and more so the refs and their decisions when penalties are one sided against the eels. Sure it may mean the club cops a fine but more often than not the refs and their boss generally seem to adjust the decisions a bit more favourably as a result.

Thing is I don't believe its helpful by the constant name calling against the players and coach, then the area of abuse of not bringing up juniors and giving them a chance, but when done, more often that not it was too late, or the coach will have them go backwards, or the player is a failure after one or a couple of games and the list could go on.

Thing is also better to be critical as far as real elements are exposed in poor aspects and plays, but there is a need to let it go after a while and not have the repetitive negativity of constant abusive types of posts that are basically identical over and over again with only the sentence/paragraph structure being balls juggled around like a clown does in the centre ring of a circus.

Constructive criticism can be very much beneficial when worded correctly but constant negativity is nothing more than being destructive and vindictive, for what real purpose does that serve?

I get your point regarding abuse Col but I reckon it's important to remember the site is pretty much a snap shot of our fan base. Everyone expresses themselves differently, everyone has different thresholds for what they think is acceptable, we all have varying senses of humor and we all have different coping mechanisms for shitty periods such as this decade.

Negativity and "abuse" is at a heightened level at the moment because our team is terrible - no other reason - it's all about the inept footy team. We will get infinite negative blogs and comments until they start winning - that's just the way it is - and there aint nothin' anyone can do to change it :)

Like I said mate - it's just a snapshot of our fan base. Talk to anyone on the street or at the club and they will all have different opinions but they will all pretty much echo what you see on here - positive or negative..

Just roll with it mate - it's not worth stressing about too much :)

This site would be nothing without negativity. It thrives on it. If one day the Eels were to do consistently well (Melbourne Storm like), I guarantee the visits to this site would more than half. Some people here would have to go get proper normal lives. Maybe even reconnect with their loved ones. We come here to vent our frustrations. No frustrations, no point. Won't happen for a while so don't stress. 

EelsAgeME look at it this way .Theres all ways hope


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