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Serious question here that id like answered once and for all.

Are dinosaurs and their remains faked by scientists?

Or are the fossils genuine and dinosaurs did exist.

Im in the dinosaurs are true camp.

Is there anybody here who believes otherwise?

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Definitely fake.
When was the last time you saw one? You haven’t. End of story.

I saw John Laws in the flesh once.

Me too. At Ottos. Scared the bejesus out of me.

LOL! He looks like a fekking zombie!

Do you mean John’s Law or John Law?
I would have to say FAKE !

Like clockwork lol, monts what about all the fossils? what about the full skeletons? you cant seriously tell me they are all fake lol?

Wasn’t your question about Dinosaurs SnakePorn? Not ‘fossils, full skeletons’ However, since you ask if humankind can send a man to the moon, rockets to mars and satellites into outer space do you think it’s remotely possible that huge skeletons or fossils would be hard for mankind to design? Just a question?
When did humans make these fossils Monto?
That’s what I asked SnakePorn, Fishbulb. I didn’t say they did, the question was, is it possible?
Possible to make something that looks like a fossil, yes. It's been done before. But possible to make something also mimics the expected results of a range of tests, including tests not yet invented at the time of making the fake..... amazingly incredibly unlikely.
Anything is possible! Remember the earth was thought to be ‘flat’ once!


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