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Sorry it's late for any who care.

Ladder   Round 3 @ Titans  
Norman 216 Matagi 41
Semi 109 Mannah 22
Matagi 92 Tep 20
Guth 70 Brown 11
Jenko 40 French 8
French 38 Guth 7
Manu 33 Taka 6
Mannah 30 Manu 4
Tep 23 Alvaro 2
Brown 14 Scott 2
Kaysa 9
Taka 8
Alvaro 4
Scott 3
Hoff 1

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Rider I'm aware that people can still add their opinion after an hour but it's the tally that isn't accurate and I'm sure there would be plenty that would be prepared to do it and do it properly.
Righto. We're only into roimd 3 so you should be able to put together a cracker in no time. Looking forward to your effort.
Mack, I think the results are pretty clear. I don't think there are any significant inaccuracies.
Thanks Presh, I think you're doing a great job with it
Moderators pet......

OK, Gem you get 3 free insults to any contributors on this site without moderation !!!

This is fantastic. Thanks for tallying it all up for us. It will be really interesting to see how the season unfolds. At this stage, one would expect Norman to romp away with it. I reckon he's a good chance for Dally M if he stays fit and behaves.


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