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Sorry it's late for any who care.

Ladder   Round 3 @ Titans  
Norman 216 Matagi 41
Semi 109 Mannah 22
Matagi 92 Tep 20
Guth 70 Brown 11
Jenko 40 French 8
French 38 Guth 7
Manu 33 Taka 6
Mannah 30 Manu 4
Tep 23 Alvaro 2
Brown 14 Scott 2
Kaysa 9
Taka 8
Alvaro 4
Scott 3
Hoff 1

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If your going to put your hand up and take something on do it properly or give it to someone that can.
Sarcasm ?

How was it unsatisfactory then ?

So how are these points accrued?? I dont get it

I simply go thru the 3,2,1 blog for the game and total the points for each player for that game and then add them to the season ladder on an Excel spreadsheet. Pretty simple really.

How about minus points!!!
Semi did a forward pass
And two unforced knock ons in first tackle!!!
Brett I think Mack just put his hand up.

He still hasn't said what he found unsatisfactory about how I'm doing it. I'm not really sure how it can be improved, although I'm certainly open to ideas.

Whats not proper with it?

Don't worry Brett you're doing a great job. Thanks for taking this on.

All good, I'm sweet, just confused as to what he's looking for. Maybe he's still just pissed from last night and is just venting the last of his rage. Yes that's it.


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